Key Traits to Look for in a Security Concierge

In the security world, front desk security performs an underrated role. Not only are they expected to master frontline security duties, they must also be comfortable enough to quickly pivot into a customer service mindset, offering directions, answering phones or handling packages.

To perform this difficult role, adaptability is a must. Security concierge staff must possess certain key traits that allow them to balance professionalism, customer service, property knowledge, building policies and other specifics unique to the properties they are protecting. At Blackbird Security, we provide concierge security services to clients across Canada. Whether it’s our Vancouver Concierge, our Toronto Front Desk Security, or even our Edmonton Concierge Security team, our staff have rapidly developed a reputation as Canada’s number one security concierge staff.

We’re often asked to describe what the key traits are in a security concierge. Whether you’re interested in becoming a security concierge, or you’re a property manager interested in knowing what to look out for, here are some of the key traits to expect when you hire a security concierge.

Well Trained

Front desk security is one of the most demanding roles in private security. Concierges must feel confident in their ability to meet any challenge that is thrown their way. While some individuals possess this trait inherently, it must be drilled into most other people via a comprehensive training program. We view security as a highly skilled and rewarding career path, and it’s our goal to equip our guards to face the ever-changing challenges in the field. We achieve this via our in-house Blackbird Academy training school.

Our dedicated training modules include:

  • Basic and Advanced Security Training (BST and AST)
  • Security Report Writing and Incident Reporting 101 and 201
  • Cultural Sensitivity Training
  • Trauma Informed Practice Training
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Training
  • Indigenous Awareness 201

If your current front desk security provider doesn’t carry out this level of training, it’s time to switch to Blackbird Security.


A security concierge must always be on the lookout for threats, but most of their interactions will be with members of the public seeking assistance. Their focus should be on ensuring these interactions are welcoming, approachable and friendly. Front desk security are a building’s opportunity to dazzle with an amazing first impression. Having an individual that greets visitors with a smile and warmth is a game changer. In a residential setting, it helps residents and visitors feel safe and welcome, while also letting them know they’re protected.

Emergency Minded

One of the biggest benefits of having a security concierge on-site is their ability to act as a fire marshal in the event of an emergency. Our concierge team is trained in occupational first aid, as well as fire marshalling and evacuation planning. When an emergency occurs, a well-trained concierge will calmly take charge, evacuating those within the building with maximum professionalism. Good planning involves considering the worst outcomes, while hoping for the best. The presence of a front desk security professional ensures any building is covered should a disaster unfold.


An underrated aspect of concierge duties is the day-to-day admin they excel at. A well-trained concierge can manage anything from de-escalating a dispute, to handling noise complaints, assisting with moves, and filing reports. Buildings that are home to many residents or numerous businesses can quickly become hectic, busy and at times out of control. Having a trained concierge guard means that security is prioritized and order is maintained. 

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