Private Residential Security

Private Residential Security

Come Home to Great Security

Your home is your castle and your most precious asset. It’s where you and your family feel safe, and it’s the last place you should be under threat from criminal behaviour. At Blackbird Security, our range of residential security services can be tailored to suit the unique needs of your home, protecting your family from burglaries, property crimes, and other traumatic incidents.

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Three uniformed security professionals in a suit and tie, loss prevention uniform, and plain clothes undercover loss prevention officer stand side by side.

Typical Duties of Private Residential Security

Access Control

Property Monitoring

Grounds Patrolling

Parking Enforcement

Emergency and Delivery Access

Alarm Monitoring

Emergency Response

Strata Bylaw Enforcement

Where is Private Residential Security Used?

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Residential Mobile Patrol

Our mobile patrols can be customized to provide a level of coverage to suit any budget. Our guards can be assigned to cover routes at random intervals that will keep criminals guessing. Our Mobile Security team can be tracked in real time. This is thanks to our cutting edge TrackTik GPS monitoring technology.

Alarm Monitoring

Heading out of town? Our alarm monitoring team are available 24/7 with a reliable and fast response. When an alarm is triggered, our team responds within minutes, assessing the scene, addressing the cause of the alarm and providing a detailed report of their findings. No matter where you are, you’ll instantly know what triggered the alarm, and what our guards found at the scene.

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On-Site Security Guard

Available on short notice, for long or short-term need, our security guards can be dispatched to provide a constant and highly visible deterrent to crime. As condo break-ins continue to spike across Canada, our guards can be deployed to monitor access points, garages and other vulnerable sites.



Hired Blackbird for their security and concierge services. I am constantly impressed at the professionalism and quality of their team. Their guards are polite, respectful and have handled stressful situations with compassion. I would recommend Blackbird to anyone looking for security solutions.

Michael Gunion
General Manager, Operations and Marketing, Kevington Building Corp

We have been using Blackbird Security concierges for over 2 years at our building and I have nothing but great things to say about them. The residents have given us great feedback about the concierge personnel Blackbird has placed at the front desk and I would highly recommend this company to other stratas and property management companies.

Gordon MC
Stratawest Management Ltd.

I hired Blackbird Security several times for suit and tie client events, special open houses and concierge services. The concierge team members were always very professional and had excellent deportment. You can tell Blackbird puts a heavy emphasis on customer service training with their staff. Dealing with Blackbird for the past 5 years has been a pleasure and I will continue to use and recommend their services to other property managers and strata council members.

Eniz Aziz
Century 21 and The Aziz Group
Uniformed Blackbird Security guard standing in front of a residential building in Vancouver BC

Industry Leading Training Through our Blackbird Academy

As the role of security professionals continues to evolve, Blackbird Security saw the need to train our staff to handle any scenario in a calm and reassuring manner. That’s why we created our pioneering Blackbird Academy training program. 

Delivered via our own in-house team and exterior experts, our comprehensive training program encompasses areas like St. John’s Mental Health Training, Indigenous Awareness Training, and Conflict Resolution. If your current security provider doesn’t offer this level of training, perhaps it’s time to upgrade.

Modules include:

Customer Service Training

Verbal and Written Communication Training

Incident Report Writing

CCTV Training

Access and Crowd Control Training

Incident De-Escalation Training

Basic and Advanced Security Training

Trespass to Property Training

Crisis Management Training

Emergency Response Management Training

Weapons Awareness and Avoidance Training

Occupational Health (OFA) Training

WHMIS Training

Incident Command System 100 (ICS 100) 

In-House Customer Service Training

Dispatch Command Centre Operator and Professionalism Training

Freedom of Information and Privacy Training

Above all else, our guards must hold a valid security license for the province they operate in. 

Certified By

Justice Institute of BC
St. John Ambulance
Blackbird Security guard with face mask using Tracktik reporting app to scan patrol marker

Giving back to our community

Social Impact

Blackbird Security guard helping man with directions on street in Vancouver BC

Let’s Discuss Your Security Options

Want to hear more about Blackbird Security’s services? If you have any questions about our services, or how Blackbird Security can help protect your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.