At Blackbird Security, we believe every business has a role to play in creating a sustainable future. That’s why we’re proud to take a leading role in sustainability within the security industry. Since our founding in 2015, we’ve been dedicated to minimizing our emissions and reducing our company’s carbon footprint holistically through our processes, spaces, travel and initiatives. Our policy is to use only what is necessary. Here’s some of the different ways we achieve this goal:

Paperless Processes

We are proud to be a paperless company. All of our reporting, records, communications and marketing are carried out online. The only paper we use are executive staff business cards, and informational brochures when requested by a client.  

Our innovative TrackTik software is used for patrol summaries and reporting incidents. This cutting edge approach to technology allows us to simultaneously provide our clients with real-time data, while also cutting down on use of paper.

Reduced Office Space

By providing our staff with the tools and processes to work remotely, we have significantly reduced our staff travel emissions and can successfully operate with a smaller head office space. This leads to reduced need for lighting, heating and waste outputs. Our office is predominantly used for interviews, client meetings and collaboration sessions, and our janitorial services are based on weekly office usage. Additionally, we require our janitorial staff to only use environmentally friendly products. 

Please note that due to COVID-19 we have increased janitorial services and some cleaning product protocols based on Vancouver Coastal Health recommendations. 

Low CO2 Emission Travel

In order to reduce travel emissions, we space out our patrols in a way that reduces the use of our vehicles. We choose to use Nissan’s Micra vehicle which produces one of the lowest CO2 emissions for a petrol engine. 

While we already have low vehicle emissions, our goal is to have fully electric vehicles by 2025. 

Additionally, pre-COVID-19 precautions, we encouraged all our staff to carpool and take more sustainable forms of transportation when possible. All employees are reimbursed for the use of a public transportation pass and bike-share programs. 

Green Business Bureau Certification

We are a proud member of the Green Business Bureau which is globally recognized and trusted for companies’ commitment to sustainable business practices. Membership of the Green Business Bureau allows Blackbird Security to stay up to date and in compliance with evolving sustainable standards and expectations.