Environmental Impact

Since Blackbird Security's founding in 2015, we’ve been dedicated to minimizing our emissions and reducing our company’s carbon footprint holistically through our processes, spaces, travel and initiatives. Our policy is to only use what is needed! 

Blackbird Security provides real-time security guard updates and on site incident reports using Tracktik technology

Paperless Processes

Our innovative TrackTik software is used for real-time data and reporting. This cutting-edge technological approach allows us to provide our clients with the data they need, while also cutting down on use of paper.

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Reduced & Green Office Spaces

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Blackbird Security mobile patrol car in Vancouver, BC Canada

Low CO2 Emission Travel

In order to reduce carbon footprint and energy costs, we align our patrols to reduce the use of our vehicles unless absolutely necessary.

As we work towards our goal of fully electric vehicles by 2025, we utilize Nissan’s Micra vehicle as it’s one of the lowest CO2 emission options for a petrol engine. We also encourage staff to carpool and take more sustainable forms of transportation when possible.

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Green Business Bureau Certification

Additional Ways We Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

real-time reporting using Tracktik technology

Grouping together our patrols geographically and patrol schedule to reduce emissions

Using bike patrols, instead of vehicle patrols, wherever possible (based on client preference)

Randomized and scheduled security patrol icon with a car circling around an image of a clock

Asking our guards to drive smart, and not drive the vehicle unless on a scheduled patrol

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Regularly servicing our vehicles, tire pressure / maintenance of automotive parts,  to increase fuel efficiency

Regularly purchasing carbon offsets through climate protection projects such as Myclimate and Terrapass. A carbon offset is a credit for emissions reductions that help companies achieve net neutral carbon emissions

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The majority of our uniforms are free from environmentally perfluorinated carbons (PFCs) and are made using recycled polyester

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