Blackbird Security’s values form the basis of our operation and the foundation upon which our corporate culture is built. They help us to chart the course of a long-term, financially successful business by creating a culture clients, employees and management are proud to be a part of. They can be summarized in four words: Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Adaptability.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the security industry by staying locally dedicated with a national-reaching scope. Despite new challenges that arise, our hands-on approach to understanding our clients’ needs will keep our communities safe and connected.

Our Mission

We are committed to bettering the communities we serve by providing excellent security services which fit the unique needs of our clients and their location.

Our Values



We believe in treating others with dignity and respect in all situations.


We strive to ensure all of our decisions and actions are conducted with integrity and are free from bias and prejudice.


We believe all Blackbird Security members function as one team, no matter how large we grow.


We are constantly striving to learn, grow and adapt our methods in order to stay current with changing safety and technological needs.