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We Invest In Your Success

We believe that everyone deserves a chance at a successful career. Therefore, we invest in the necessary training for new employees who show dedication and promise.  

We have used our years of industry experience to pioneer Canada’s leading security training program, Blackbird Academy. Combining in-house and carefully vetted, industry leading experts, Blackbird Academy is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary training program designed to equip our guards to safely handle any scenario. 

Each graduate receives the tools and skills needed for a long and fulfilling career in security. Each student security guard is paired with a mentor, training manager, or instructor, who provides regular feedback, check-ins, and advice during their training. 

Modern Training for Modern Security Guards

The security industry is a fast-paced and rapidly growing world where knowledge, communication skills and training are key to success. At Blackbird Security, we understand security guards can face an almost limitless number of scenarios in their day-to-day roles.

By empowering our team to face these challenges head-on with confidence and expertise, we enable them to perform at an exceptional level. Through this, we provide our clients with the level of service they expect from Canada’s best security company.

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Trained to Excel

Our Training Modules

While some security companies simply require a security guard license to start work, we view this qualification as the starting point for admittance to Blackbird Academy. From there, our guards receive the well-rounded training they need to face the modern challenges of the security world.

Our dedicated training modules include:

In-House Courses

Basic and Advanced Security Training (BST and AST)

The BST and AST certifications are the basic building blocks of a successful security guard. Through these modules, our guards learn the foundational aspects of professionalism and ethics, report writing, regulations governing security guards, basic control techniques and the safe application of restraints. 

Customer Service Training

The vast majority of a security guard’s interactions will be with law abiding members of the general public. Therefore, it’s crucial that guards are trained to effectively listen, communicate and problem solve. When a member of the public approaches a security guard, they may be upset, talking quickly and in need of urgent assistance. Our customer service training module equips our guards to excel in these scenarios, providing frontline assistance in a calm and reassuring manner. 

Conflict De-Escalation Training

Blackbird Security trainers have worked with the Justice Institute of British Columbia to create our own internal Conflict De-escalation Training program. Our program is designed to train our staff on how to both manage one’s own emotional feelings during conflicts and how to respond to feelings of anger and conflict in others. It is based on the development of respectful, thoughtful and measured interactions between individuals and groups.

Security Report Writing and Incident Reporting 101 and 201

We strongly believe that accurate report writing is a pillar of what makes a good security guard. In this module, we train our guards in the basics of accurate written reports, use of non-biased or judgemental language, and how to write reports in a clear and concise manner. We also equip our guards with the expertise needed to utilize our powerful TrackTik app for incident reporting.

Cultural Sensitivity Training

Canada is a melting pot of cultures, with people from around the world calling our country home. We celebrate this diversity, and it’s crucial our guards are equipped with a knowledge of cultural differences and how to respect these differences in their daily roles. That’s why every member of the Blackbird team, from new hires to senior leadership, is required to complete our cultural sensitivity training module. This training equips our team with an in-depth understanding of cultural awareness, nuances of racism and critical historical knowledge of marginalized groups in Canada. It is critical for staff to first have a holistic knowledge of the situation before providing actionable steps and ways to apply their learning to our business.

Exterior Courses

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St. John's Ambulance

Occupational First Aid Training

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St. John's Ambulance

St. John’s Mental Health First Aid Training

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The Justice Institute of BC

Trauma Informed Practice Training

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Canadian Centre for Occupational Health

WHMIS 2015 Training

Indigenous Awareness Canada

Indigenous Awareness 201

Further Career Development

For team members looking to take the next step and upskill, we will discuss their options for continuing education and provide any help we can along this path. We work with our staff to identify relevant training courses that achieve this goal, providing the funding they need for the courses. In future, we plan to incorporate these programs into Blackbird Academy.

We also have a growing administrative, management and head office team! Check out our Job Board to see current openings.

Scholarships & Bursaries

Justice Institute of BC

Blackbird Security Indigenous Bursary

JIBC Application

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