Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement

Canada’s No.1 Parking Enforcement Security Provider

Car crimes remain a stubbornly difficult problem to solve across Canada. If you’re managing a mall or shopping complex, parking enforcement security works to provide a safe and secure parking environment, while also preventing loitering and ensuring the smooth flow of traffic. Partner with Blackbird Security for parking enforcement and benefit from our customized security solutions and variety of security services.

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How Our Parking Enforcement Security Guards Can Support Your Property

Car Park crime prevention

Traffic flow assistance

By-Law enforcement

Special event assistance

Visible deterrent to crime

Loitering prevention

CCTV monitoring

Incident report writing

Car alarm response

MLEO-certified parking bylaw enforcement ffficers

Blackbird Security provides real-time security guard updates and on site incident reports using Tracktik technology

Customized Security Guard Services

The key difference between Blackbird Security and our competitors is that our parking enforcement security services come fully customizable to suit our clients. We pride ourselves on offering the service choice of a large security company, alongside the flexibility and personal touch of a small business.

With years of servicing a diverse range of industrial security clients, we’ve learned there’s no off-the-shelf answer for security. Instead, our team will take the time to learn the unique challenges you face, before devising a custom security plan that works for you. 

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Parking Enforcement Security Services Offered

Car parks are seen as an easy target for crime. Cars are often left unattended for hours on end, giving criminals the time and space they need to get the job done. It’s time to fight back. Blackbird Security’s dedicated parking enforcement security services keep your visitors and their property safe. Our most popular parking enforcement services include:

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24/7 Mobile Patrol Security

Car parks often sprawl over large areas and multiple floors. Our mobile patrol security guards cover this space quickly and efficiently in their highly visible security vehicles. As part of this service, our guards patrol pre-determined routes on a randomized schedule. This deters crimes of opportunity and keeps criminals guessing.

Foot Patrol Security

Our dedicated foot patrol team ensures a visible security patrol presence around your site. They are highly skilled in conflict resolution and adopt a customer service-style approach to dealing with enquiries from the general public. Our Security Foot Patrol can be tailored to your needs and budget to provide peace of mind at affordable rates.

Gate Access Security

Deployed at the entrance to the car park, our uniformed security guards are equally adept at greeting visitors as monitoring CCTV and providing world class security services. These highly adaptable security guards will enforce the policies of your car park, while acting as the eyes and the ears at your access point.

Bylaw Enforcement

For properties across Canada dealing with the hassle of managing parking infractions, our MLEO-certified guards offer valuable assistance. Our dedicated security team members are authorized to issue tickets and enforce private parking bylaws while conducting their patrols.

Where are Parking Enforcement Security Guards Used?


From our Partners


Blackbird patrols have cleaned up my parking lot. Without them we had drug users sleeping in the corners leaving a big mess. They patrol every hour and their prices are very good!


I have tried many other security services - they are all the same and subpar at best. I gave Blackbird a shot and was very glad that I did. The management is super responsive, learns quickly from regular feedback and strives hard to meet my individual business needs. A refreshing experience vs dealing with the other security companies out there. Would recommend to any business looking for quality service!

Robson Liu

Amazing company. They fulfilled all of my company's security needs, diminished my losses, and look crisp at the same time. Dealing with this company has always been carried out professionally and thoroughly. On the spot flex changes are no problem, they accommodate fast. Need quick security to protect employees in a pinch? They accommodate fast.Reports are thorough and timely. Anything unusual is reported prior to the formal report, to save you from waiting.

Brandon D

The management are professional and responsive to requests made. They go above and beyond in customer service and satisfaction.

Sylvia Mcloughlin
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Industry Leading Training Through our Blackbird Academy

Delivered via our own in-house team and exterior experts, our comprehensive training program encompasses areas like St. John’s Mental Health Training, Indigenous Awareness Training, and Conflict Resolution. If your current security provider doesn’t offer this level of training, perhaps it’s time to upgrade.

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Want to hear more about Blackbird Security’s services? If you have any questions about our services, or how Blackbird Security can help protect your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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