Concierge Security Case Study – Stratawest Management Vancouver

Blackbird Security provides concierge security services for countless buildings and office towers across Canada. While the majority of our clients are looking for Vancouver concierge, Toronto concierge or Calgary concierge, this popular service is available to clients nationwide.

In a residential concierge setting, we work closely with strata councils and their property managers to create tailored concierge security plans that maximize the effectiveness of their coverage. One client we’re proud to work alongside is Stratawest Management in Vancouver. This client is a great example of our approach to concierge services, with our guards providing highly visible suit and tie concierge security at their properties in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland.

Let’s take a look at how our Vancouver concierge service works to protect this client.

Stratawest Management and Blackbird Security – Vancouver Front Desk Security

Stratawest Management is a BC-based property management company that specializes in the management of residential strata buildings. Operating for more than 20 years, they’ve developed an industry leading reputation and proven track record for excellence. When Stratawest Management required a new partner for Vancouver concierge services, Blackbird Security was the natural choice.

Our security concierge division is led by concierge manager, Sheriyar Doctor, who possesses over 25 years of experience in the concierge and security industry. In our initial consultation, we discovered the challenges Stratawest faces across their portfolio of high-profile properties, before building a custom security solution that works for their unique needs.

Vancouver Concierge – Working with Blackbird Security

Our highly trained and flexible concierge team provide essential frontline support for Stratawest Management and the residents who live in their portfolio of residential properties. As part of their daily roles, they handle tasks such as access control, parcel management, CCTV monitoring and handling phone enquiries.

The role of a concierge requires a high level of adaptability. That’s why we train our concierge security staff in areas like customer service, incident de-escalation, and occupational first aid.

We believe an engaged and proactive residential concierge is crucial to ensuring the security of a property and those living in it. Blackbird’s concierge staff act as a reassuring public face of the building, adopting a customer service approach to their work while providing world class security services. Not only does their presence create a more desirable community in which to live, it can also help to increase property values for those living in the building.

Types of Vancouver Concierge Security We Offer

In this blog, we focused on how we’re helping Stratawest Management with residential concierge security. This isn’t the only type of concierge security we offer. Below, we’ve listed our most popular types of concierge security services. No matter what type of building you manage, if you need Vancouver front desk security, Blackbird Security are Canada’s number one concierge services provider.

Vancouver Residential Concierge

Whether you’re managing a condo building, strata, gated community or even guest accommodations, our residential concierge service is the perfect choice to protect your property. Thanks to their extensive training in customer service, our residential concierge team are skilled at diffusing common building issues such as noise complaints, parties, and moving day.

Vancouver Office Concierge

As businesses across Canada activate their return to office plans, office concierge services have never been in greater demand. Trained to deliver concierge and security services, our office concierge experts will enforce your building policies, receive packages and screen visitors – all while representing your business in a manner you can trust.

Vancouver Commercial Concierge

Safety and security should be top of mind for any commercial building. Blackbird’s commercial concierge team help to achieve this goal, fulfilling duties like alarm monitoring, CCTV monitoring, keyholding, and enforcement of building policies.

Vancouver Front Desk Security – Work with Blackbird

Concierge guards provide versatile service to protect your building in the exact ways that you need. If you have questions about concierge services, or think that they might be a good fit, don’t hesitate to reach out

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