Patrol Security

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Security Coverage When You Need It

Don’t need a dedicated security guard at your site? Blackbird’s Patrol Security team provides all the value and coverage of a full-time guard, without cutting corners on the service. Our patrol security service is offered 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, acting as frontline prevention against theft, vandalism, and other threats to the safety and security of your site. Thanks to their industry-leading training and flexibility, our patrol security guards are utilized by a growing number of clients across Canada

Simple, Safe and Secure Uniformed Security

Whether your business is retail, public sector or industrial, our uniformed security staff are expertly trained to respond to threats and protect your business with the highest standards of professionalism. We pride ourselves on offering unique, tailored solutions to your security needs, and our dedication to recruitment and training ensures we have the right personnel to cope with any scenario.

Retail Security Solutions

We have years of experience working with several national retailers to uphold their reputation while protecting their staff and company assets. Theft is often a crime of opportunity, and our frontline uniform security staff provide a visible and highly trained deterrent. As part of our uniformed security-training program, our security professionals undergo a full customer service training program to ensure they deliver the highest standards of professional service to your customers.

Public Sector Security

In our modern world, public buildings are increasingly turning to security companies to provide the protection they need. We provide responsive, thoughtful protection to hospitals, schools and civic buildings.

Industrial Security Solutions

Whether it’s a warehouse, dock or storage facility, we can provide security solutions based on your needs. We offer gatehouse staff, vehicle searches and general site security solutions.

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Want to discuss your individual uniformed security needs? If you have any questions about our professional security services, or how Blackbird Security can help protect your business don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Loss Prevention Experts

Shoplifting is a growing problem across Western Canada. In fact, government estimates sharp increases in retail losses in all major metropolitan centres due to the problem. As a business owner, protecting your assets isn’t just common sense—it’s good business. Our highly trained loss prevention staff are experts in retail loss prevention, shrinkage reduction and non-violent crisis intervention.

We proudly offer the following loss prevention and retail security services:

Uniformed Loss Prevention

Petty crime is often opportunistic in nature. Our frontline uniformed loss prevention staff stand as a strong deterrent to theft and a helpful liaison for your customers. Not only will our staff keep your store secure, they also undergo a full customer service-training program aimed at delivering the highest standards of help and professionalism to your customers.

Undercover Loss Prevention

Trusted by some of the biggest names in Canadian retail, our undercover loss prevention staff are second-to-none at retail theft prevention. Utilizing the latest in technology, our loss prevention officers will discreetly patrol your store, preventing theft and ensuring a pleasant experience for staff and customers alike. Unlike other security companies, we are happy to work with you to devise a loss prevention strategy that suits your needs, while working within your guidelines.

Loss Prevention Audits

Undertaking a loss prevention audit is one of the best ways to assess the overall health of your store’s security. We will work with you to examine your processes and operations to find ways to reduce shrinkage and identify gaps in your security protocols.

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Ready to take the next step and improve your loss prevention efforts? If you have any questions about the loss prevention services we offer, or how Blackbird Security can help protect your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Elite Security for Prestige Retail

At Blackbird Security, we pride ourselves on our unique and personalized approach to security. Our luxury retail security professionals, who provide high-end security to prestigious clients throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Winnipeg, epitomize this approach.

Our Elite Security division consists of immaculately dressed professionals that will reflect the high standards of your brand, while delivering security services that are second-to-none. We go to great lengths to recruit and train only the best individuals for this service, ensuring the utmost in security management and service delivery.

How it Works

We will meet with you to assess the individual needs of your store and clientele before developing a comprehensive and tailored security plan that’s unique to your needs.

Keeping Your Clients Safe

Our high-end security specialists are trained in protecting the privacy of high profile clients and acting as first responders in all scenarios. Their courteous manner and customer service training make our elite security staff the perfect option for protecting and welcoming your customers. We specialize in luxury retail and event security and we understand the unique needs of this industry better than any provider in Western Canada.

View our Elite Security Testimonials and see for yourself.

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Ready to upgrade your luxury security? If you have any questions about our high-end luxury retail security services, or how Blackbird Security can help secure your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.