Committment to Diversity and Inclusion letter

Our Approach

Blackbird Security's core value of treating all people with respect and dignity is rooted in our commitment to diversity. We strive to foster a supportive environment in which all individuals - despite their background or identity - can thrive and reach their potential within the company. We are committed to employing based on skill and performance, ensuring that we hire the best person for the job.

Our overall Diversity and Inclusion goals include:

• Ensure fair and equal treatment during our procurement process;

• Embrace & celebrate diversity within our company and community;

• Embed a culture of diversity and inclusion throughout all service regions;

• Provide employees with the best opportunities to fulfill their potential;

• Respect and protect human rights.

At Blackbird Security, we believe that our company's diverse workforce reflects that of the diverse markets and industries that we serve. This enables us to better fulfill our clients' unique needs and allows us to be more innovative, empathetic, adaptable and competitive within the security industry.

Our Commitment to an Inclusive Workplace

Blackbird Security does not discriminate or profile based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, disability, marital status, economic status, sexual orientation or any other identity factors in its activities or operations. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and patrons. Blackbird Security prohibits any staff behaviour that falls under the definition of violence, harassment, or discrimination and requires that all actions and arrests be conducted on reasonable grounds.

Commitment to Indigenous Awareness

Totem Pole

Blackbird Security is grateful to operate on the unceded territories of Western Canada’s diverse First Nations. We acknowledge our traditional hosts and are grateful to have the opportunity to work and live on their lands.

The negative impacts experienced by Canadian Indigenous peoples from past colonialism and residential schools is a tragic truth that must be acknowledged by us all. As the Government of Canada redefines the country's constitutional commitment to Indigenous peoples, we realize that Blackbird Security can also play a role in improving indigenous inclusion & awareness in Canada. While there is a complicated history and relationship between Indigenous communities and security authorities, we recognize the responsibility of our industry to rebuild trust with Indigenous communities. The following are the first steps we are hoping to make to support the mend of these relationships:

Procurement Opportunities

Blackbird Security is proud to be a fair and non-discriminatory employer. Approximately 5% of our workforce currently identifies as indigenous persons and we look forward to seeing this number increase.

Staff Education

Blackbird staff

Blackbird Security is ensuring that all key regional and leadership staff be officially trained and certified in Indigenous Awareness. Our training, through Indigenous Awareness Canada, is recognized and recommended by indigenous groups and leaders. The training educates and tests Management on Canadian Indigenous history, basic terminology, the impacts of residential schools, current realities and common misconceptions.

Community Involvement

As a growing company, we strive to provide our employees with opportunities to be more involved in their community. In addition to supporting rural indigenous communities through the Breakfast Club of Canada, we are excited to become more involved in supporting local indigenous events and initiatives and to spread awareness throughout our social media platforms.