Executive Protection

Executive Protection

Very Important Protection

It’s an unfortunate fact that public figures and high-net-worth individuals are exposed to elevated personal risk due to their status. Blackbird Security’s executive protection team possesses years of experience in close protection of high-profile individuals. Through our industry leading strategic risk assessment and meticulous planning, we protect all manner of VIP clients from physical, reputational and financial danger.

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Typical Duties of Executive Protection Guards

Close Protection of high-profile individuals

Securing public locations

Escorting client

Managing crowds

Performing background checks 

Risk Assessment

Threat Education

Frontline emergency response

Where are Executive Protection Guards Used?

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Risk Assessment Services

Criminals understand the potential rewards of threatening a high-profile individual. That’s why they go to great lengths to understand their routine, lifestyle and potential weak points. Our executive protection team works in much the same way. We’ll analyze your routine, identify potential vulnerabilities and deploy our team to provide reinforcement.

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Bodyguard Services

Let our team be the eyes and ears on the ground watching out for your safety. With Blackbird Security’s Bodyguard Services, you can rest easy knowing our team is providing round the clock, discreet and effective executive protection for you and your family.

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Site Security

Often, high profile individuals make visits to sites where they’ll be interacting with large crowds of people. This represents a significant security risk. Our Executive Protection team will visit the site in advance, identifying weaknesses and areas of concern, before devising a plan to ensure the event goes off safely.

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Uniformed Executive Protection

Our uniformed security guards provide an effective visual deterrent and frontline response for our elite clients. Our uniformed guards are security professionals with extensive & advanced training.



Top-notch professional bodyguard services, we have used them for both Canadian and International assignments and they delivered on promises for all so far.

Kenneth Mah

The management are professional and responsive to requests made. They go above and beyond in customer service and satisfaction.

Sylvia Mcloughlin

I have tried many other security services - they are all the same and subpar at best. I gave Blackbird a shot and was very glad that I did. The management is super responsive, learns quickly from regular feedback and strives hard to meet my individual business needs. A refreshing experience vs dealing with the other security companies out there. Would recommend to any business looking for quality service!

Robson Liu

Top notch security company. Excellent staff. Very professional and friendly. Highly recommend to everyone!

Kaitlynn Campbell
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Industry Leading Training Through our Blackbird Academy

As the role of security professionals continues to evolve, Blackbird Security saw the need to train our staff to handle any scenario in a calm and reassuring manner. That’s why we created our pioneering Blackbird Academy training program. 

Delivered via our own in-house team and exterior experts, our comprehensive training program encompasses areas like St. John’s Mental Health Training, Indigenous Awareness Training, and Conflict Resolution. If your current security provider doesn’t offer this level of training, perhaps it’s time to upgrade.

Modules include:

Close Protection Office (CPO) training and certification

Customer service training

Verbal and written communication training

Incident report writing

Incident de-escalation training

Advanced security training

Physical security applications

Alarm systems fundamentals

Information security

Protection officers and emergency response

Strikes, lockouts and labour relations

Workplace violence

Effective communications

Environmental crime control theory

Emergency planning and disaster control

Use of force continuum 

Ethics and professionalism

WHIMS training

Occupational First Aid (OFA) Training

Above all else, our guards must hold a valid security license for the province they operate in. 

Certified By

Justice Institute of British Columbia
St. John Ambulance
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