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Canada's Fastest Growing Security Company

Blackbird Security is Canada’s fastest growing provider of professional security services. We operate Canada-wide, servicing clients across a diverse range of industries, in locales spanning Vancouver Island to Southern Ontario. From the beginning, we’ve strived to offer the service selection of a big business, alongside the flexibility and personal touch of a small business. No matter what stage of business, location or size, we’re committed to meeting and exceeding your security challenges.

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Security Services

Blackbird Security guard with face mask using Tracktik reporting app to scan patrol marker

Tracktik Technology

Real-Time Reporting

Many of Blackbird Security’s most popular services utilize the power of TrackTik technology for real-time reporting. Based on GPS tracking, this app allows our security guards to work smarter, more efficiently, and cover more ground. Via GPS pings, clients can watch the progress of security patrols in real time via an app, or live dashboard, that also includes critical details like pictures and reports from the field.

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