What are the Core Duties of a Security Concierge?

If you’re a property manager or business owner, a security concierge is an amazing perk to add to your property or office. Alongside their front desk security services, these adaptable security professionals are equally comfortable providing a warm welcome, handling packages, and even enforcing your safety and security policies.

Concierge security guards are the first point of contact for residents, guests and staff alike. They act as your frontline defense against unauthorized intruders, and their comprehensive training even allows them to perform the duties of a fire marshal in the event of an emergency situation.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about the duties performed by a concierge, or you’re considering switching your concierge security provider, we’ve put together a breakdown of the core duties performed by Blackbird Security’s industry leading concierge security team.

The Core Duties of Front Desk Security Staff

Frontline Security Coverage

Above all else, a security concierge acts as the eyes and ears of a building. They are constantly on the lookout for threats, suspicious behaviour, and anything that may compromise the safety of those within the building. At Blackbird Security, we recognize the need for adaptability in concierge security. That’s why we provide a comprehensive training program that includes modules like conflict resolution, customer service and incident de-escalation. In a residential setting, our front desk security staff are second-to-none at diffusing common building issues such as noise complaints and parties.

Administrative Duties

Property managers are busy! They don’t have time for the day-to-day duties of running a building. Let Blackbird Security’s security concierge team help. Whether it’s elevator control, assisting with move-in and move-out, or managing common areas like party rooms and recreational facilities, our front desk security team are highly skilled and ready to assist. In an office setting, a concierge can handle aspects like room bookings, answering the phone, and fielding inquiries from the public.

Mail and Package Handling

Each day, an increasing amount of mail and packages arrive at condo buildings and offices across Canada. Instead of taking busy staff away from their core duties to handle deliveries, concierge security staff are standing by to help. They’re comfortable receiving packages from Canada Post, Amazon and any package delivery company. This ensures packages aren’t left at the door, avoiding the creation of a security issue that could lead to break-ins and property crime. Concierges will ensure all mail and packages are safely directed to the rightful recipients, meaning one less thing to worry about for property managers and office managers.

Emergency Response

In the rare and unfortunate event of a fire or emergency, a highly trained concierge security guard is trained to excel with skills like occupational first aid training, CPR and outstanding communication skills. They understand how to calmly initiate an emergency response, while forming a quick liaison with ambulance, fire fighters and police. They’re also perfect for smaller emergencies. They can grant access to plumbers, electricians and locksmiths to provide smaller scale but critically important interventions.

At Blackbird Security, we don’t just train our concierge security team to adequately perform their duties. We train them to excel in any scenario so they can over perform while under pressure or under a deadline.

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