Property Security – How Blackbird’s Innovative Hybrid Model Works

There’s no room for complacency in security. Criminals are always watching, always learning and always finding innovative ways to commit crimes. Security companies that stand still are doing a dis-service to their clients. It’s not enough to list your services and consider your work done. We must always be on the lookout for ways to maximize security coverage and keep criminals on their toes.

As part of our ongoing dialogue with our clients, we learned that they loved the flexible and dependable security coverage of our concierge security service, but many clients wanted more. On the other end of the scale, many clients who leaned on our tactical security guards began to see the benefits of including front desk security in their security mix. In an effort to innovate and meet this growing demand, Blackbird Security launched our unique Hybrid Security Service and began offering it to clients across Canada.

Hybrid Security – How it Works

Perfect for office, residential and other high traffic buildings our innovative hybrid model of security combines concierge security guards with tactical security guards in one service offering. This approach maximizes the benefits of both services, delivering outstanding customer service and hospitality, paired with a strong visual security deterrent.

In practice, our front desk security guards will monitor the building from their front-of-house position, conducting their usual mix of customer-oriented service and world class security. While they’re acting as the eyes and ears of the building, our tactical security guards conduct security patrols, sweeping sensitive areas like car parks, storage and access points, while also keeping an eye out for suspicious behaviour.

Our concierge security guards and uniformed security guards both receive comprehensive training through our Blackbird Academy training program that’s designed to equip them with the skills needed for modern security work. It’s our aim that every graduate of our training program leaves feeling comfortable facing any scenario in their day-to-day role.

Examples of our Hybrid Security Model in Action

We began to offer our hybrid security model to clients several months ago. It’s become one of our fastest growing security services, enjoying rapid pickup from clients across Canada. Read our case studies and learn how this innovative security service is protecting a diverse range of properties.

The Quad at York

The Quad is a fully amenitized student housing development that’s quickly become a bustling campus community. It’s home to restaurants, hairdressers, coffee shops and even bicycle repair shops!

ICE Condominiums Toronto

ICE Condominiums is one of the largest and most impressive condo developments to launch in Toronto in recent years. Their goal is to create a community vibe for their residents, while also providing modern, world class accommodations.

Ultima Concierge Edmonton

Set in the heart of Edmonton’s Arena Entertainment District, Ultima Condominium Tower enjoys an exclusive location that’s just blocks from the River Valley and Financial District of Canada’s Oil Capital.

Work with Blackbird for Professional Security Services

Join the growing number of Canadian businesses and properties partnering with Blackbird Security for professional security services. If you have any questions relating to concierge security, tactical security guards, or our innovative hybrid security model, we’d love to hear from you. No matter your industry, size or location, don’t hesitate to reach out

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