Client Case Study – ICE Condominiums Toronto

Are you a property manager looking to improve your Toronto front desk security? Condominium security is the most effective way to protect your investment, while also demonstrating to residents and visitors alike you take their safety seriously.

If you’re considering your options for Toronto security, Blackbird Security is Toronto’s number one security company. In today’s blog, we want to discuss your options for Toronto condo security, while highlighting our successful partnership with ICE Condominiums in Downtown Toronto.

Toronto Concierge Security

Sometimes, when we initially consult with a potential new client, they don’t see the value in concierge security. Cost is often cited as a barrier, but the truth is, investing in Toronto front desk security will prove a highly profitable business decision.

A security concierge is an adaptable security professional that must be comfortable fulfilling the role of receptionist and security guard. The ability to execute this pivot isn’t an accident. It’s all down to training. Through our industry leading Blackbird Academy training program, Blackbird Security equips our Toronto security guards with multi-disciplinary training that instills the confidence to face any scenario in their day-to-day roles.

In recent months, we’ve rolled out an innovative new product offering to compliment our concierge security services. This hybrid model involves front-of-house security concierge staff deployed alongside uniformed tactical security guards. This new approach is perfect for diverse urban environments like condo buildings, and it’s an approach that’s been enjoying success at ICE Condominiums in Toronto.

Client Case Study – ICE Condominiums Toronto

ICE Condominiums is one of the largest and most impressive condo developments to launch in Toronto in recent years. This large-scale partnership has seen us optimize our security coverage by placing a dedicated Blackbird Site Director in each ICE tower. This on-the-ground leadership allows us to service residents and visitors with round-the-clock protection, while building familiarity with our dedicated team.

At any one time, Blackbird Security has as many as six uniformed security guards and concierge security staff on-premises, diligently works to provide a warm and reassuring welcome, while also warning criminals their presence won’t be tolerated. As our Toronto front desk security guards monitor the building from front-of-house, our tactical security guards engage in security patrols, monitor the integrity of the car park, and keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour.

As Canada’s property market continues to go from strength-to-strength, potential buyers are always on the lookout for properties offering additional security and perks. Investing in Toronto front desk security is an investment that will pay for itself in short order.

We are immensely grateful to our dedicated Site Directors, staff, and DUKA Management at ICE Condominiums for their ongoing support.

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