Is Mobile Patrol Security Right for Your Business?

Have you heard about Blackbird Security’s Mobile Patrol Security service? This highly popular security service works to efficiently protect your property, while keeping your security costs within your budget. Available to clients from Vancouver Island to the Greater Toronto Area, our mobile patrols deter vandalism, theft and other street crimes of opportunity. When criminals see our highly visible Blackbird Security patrol cars, they know the premises is protected, and they’re likely to get caught if they engage in criminal behaviour.

Mobile Patrol Security – A Rapidly Growing Security Service

Since launching our mobile patrol service, it’s rapidly become one of our most popular security products. Clients love the flexibility our mobile patrols deliver, allowing them to customize the service in a way that works for them. If a client just wants alarm response, it’s no problem! If a client has a specific time they’d like us to patrol, no problem!

If you’re looking to increase your security coverage in 2022, our mobile patrol security service is the perfect place to start. From speaking with our clients, here are some of the ways this innovative service helps to protect their business:

Elimination of Security Risks

Every business faces external and internal security threats. Criminals are highly skilled at identifying weak links in the chain that allow them to gain entry and commit crimes. Mobile Patrol Security adds a highly effective layer of protection as it keeps criminals guessing. Our randomized patrols can arrive on scene at any time to interrupt them. Alongside this, our service can be customized to rapid alarm response, arriving on scene within minutes to catch criminals red-handed.

Protection at Night

The majority of Canadian businesses sit empty overnight. Whether it’s a high-end retail store or an office building, the darkness of night offers the perfect cover for crime. Mobile Patrol Security is ideal for plugging this gap, offering 24/7 coverage when you need it most. Our patrols can be customized to check on certain aspects of the property, whether it’s a gate, window or a fence. They provide peace of mind while staff are at home.

Real Time Tracking and Reporting

Our Mobile Patrols utilize the advanced TrackTik Technology to work harder and smarter. Using TrackTik, our guards’ movements while on patrol are tracked in real-time, with monitoring available for clients with a few clicks. Our guards will log any incidents they encounter, and take photos of any damage. Our clients love this layer of transparency, and we believe it’s a standard all Canadian security companies should be aspiring to.

Covers a Large Area

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Mobile Patrol Security is how it allows coverage of a large property in a small amount of time. Clients can pre-arrange the most effective routes they’d like our mobile patrol security guards to take, and our guards will then patrol on a randomized schedule. A static security guard can only cover so much ground and their movements/placement are predictable. Mobile patrol security solves these problems in a manner that’s cost-effective for our clients.

Strong Visual Deterrent

Our highly visible Blackbird Security Mobile Patrol vehicles show criminals a property is well protected and that they should try to find an easier target. Most criminals are easily spooked, and don’t want to risk a trained security guard showing up to interrupt their fun. If our guards encounter any criminals, they are highly trained in incident response. They will hold the criminal on-site until local police or RCMP can arrive to make the arrest.

Let Blackbird Security Help

We believe preventing losses from crime is the ultimate cost saving move a business or property owner can make. Blackbird Security stands beside you in this effort with our range of tailored professional security services to suit businesses and budgets of all sizes. Contact Us and let’s discuss your unique needs. Here are just some of the ways we can help keep your operation safe and secure:

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