We Use TrackTik: Advanced Mobile Security Guard Technology

Blackbird Security offers professional security services by utilizing a combination of great security guards and the latest technology. That’s why we use TrackTik Technology for patrol monitoring. By utilizing advanced mobile security guard technology, we ensure that sites are properly serviced, and that all the relevant stakeholders have access to on-the-ground information as it happens. Let’s explore what TrackTik Technology is and how it helps us offer superior security guard services to our clients.

Smart Security Guard Services

TrackTik Technology is a cloud-based software platform that brings fluidity and efficiency to our security operations. Simply put, it lets us work smarter. There are numerous features that dramatically reduce manual tasks that waste time and energy. For instance, the route optimization feature ensures that guards are taking the best routes between sites. This is a great feature for patrol monitoring and construction security! 

Up-to-Date Patrol Monitoring

TrackTik mobile reporting feature includes a live dashboard that allows for information to seamlessly travel from a security guard’s mobile device to the dashboard. This keeps our management team and clients up to date with incidents as they occur. We can follow our security guards’ tour progress, see a map of their locations, and have incident reports tracked and sent to the appropriate personnel in real-time. Critical details like pictures and diagrams can be shared from the field. Our clients especially appreciate the real-time email or SMS notifications that they receive for incidents, and the daily summary reports that are generated.

Full Transparency Through In-Depth Reporting

The real-time and historical insights that we get from TrackTik allow us to adapt to situations as they happen, and also to spot trends and get ahead of potential risks and problems before they occur. We can view the live location of our security guards on a dynamic map and message them instantly. We can also report on patrols by route position, status, date, job type, runsheet and location. Not only does this give peace of mind, but it also delivers invaluables insights over operations and helps support compliance with regulatory protocols for patrol incident management. 

Mobile Security that is Compliant

The rules and regulations that impact the security industry can vary by jurisdiction, sector, and contractual setup. Whether it’s mall security, concierge and property security, patrol monitoring or industrial security guards, we provide data to support our customers’ compliance efforts – TrackTik gives us a platform that is able to collect, store and communicate data from across operations.

Tailored Security Solutions

Based on the detailed operational data that we receive from the TrackTik insights, we tailor our Vancouver security guard services. This visibility over operations allows for us to offer our clients robust reporting and accurate invoicing. The result of this being that our client relationships are based on a high level of transparency and accountability.

Learn More

Mobile security can be fast-moving and unpredictable. With the TrackTik platform, we can deliver a mobile security service that’s perfectly aligned to your goals. To learn more about how Blackbird Security can use TrackTik to protect your business, get in touch with us. Our mobile security can be tailored to your needs and budget to provide peace of mind at affordable rates. We also offer rapid response vehicle patrol to heighten the security presence around your site. Contact us today for a free quote. We are available to connect via socially distant meetings.

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