Healthcare Security – Why it’s Important

Patients, staff and visitors should always feel comfortable and safe in a healthcare environment, whether it’s a hospital, clinic of other health facility. Unfortunately, the safety and security of staff and patients has been compromised in recent months, with reports of protests and violent patients alarming to read.

The Importance of Healthcare Security 

As a result, healthcare security is rapidly growing in popularity. These highly trained healthcare security guards have several key responsibilities. They help with the safe operation of the facility, ensuring frontline staff can concentrate on their hugely important task, rather than worrying about trespassers, dealing with incidents and theft. They also provide a strong visual deterrent to troublemakers, letting them know they'll be dealt with quickly in the event of an incident.

When you partner with Blackbird Security for healthcare security services, you provide peace of mind for patients and staff. Our Health and Safety Security Professional Division (HSSP) undergoes comprehensive training in areas like incident de-escalation, customer service, and cultural sensitivity training. Their training empowers them to elevate the security and protection in sensitive healthcare settings.

Here are just some of the ways our dedicated healthcare security guards can assist.

Healthcare Access Control

Hospitals and clinics are bustling places, with patients, staff and visitors arriving and leaving constantly. Placing a healthcare security guard at the main access point provides a barrier to entry for those who shouldn’t be in the facility. It cuts down on crime and theft, while ensuring vulnerable patients aren’t hassled while receiving treatment.

Conflict Management

Emotions can run high in a healthcare facility. Some patients can arrive under the influence of substances, and react aggressively when they come around. This is not a scenario healthcare workers should have to handle. Blackbird Security’s healthcare security guards are trained to handle these confrontational situations in a decisive and efficient manner – all while keeping their cool.

CCTV Monitoring

Hospital staff have enough responsibilities in their day-to-day roles without having to worry about CCTV monitoring. Leave it to the experts! Our healthcare security guards can monitor footage and react quickly to any suspicious behaviour. Our team is also available to assist with CCTV installation.

Perimeter Patrols

Blackbird Security’s innovative mobile patrol security service is available 24/7 to conduct inner and outer perimeter patrols of healthcare facilities. Medical campuses can often be sprawling areas with plenty of buildings and dark corners. Our patrols are a reassuring presence for patients and staff at night, reminding them that a trusted security presence is close at hand should any situations develop.

Partner with Blackbird for Healthcare Security

Blackbird Security is Canada’s number one security company. We are committed to serving our communities in important areas like health facilities, and we’re standing by to assist when and where it’s needed. We offer the following services to healthcare clients across Canada:

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