Blackbird Security Provides Support for COVID-19 Immunization Clinics

While wearing a mask and keeping social distance has been crucial in slowing the spread of COVID-19, vaccinations are the tool that will see us get back to normal in the near future. Plans are well underway across Canada to ramp up our vaccine rollout, with provinces working through age-based cohorts to protect our most vulnerable.

While it’s a small part in the grand scheme of things, it’s an honour for Blackbird Security to provide ongoing support to Island Health (Vancouver Island Health Authority), and their immunization clinics and COVID-19 testing sites. It’s crucial to maintain a calm security presence at these sites to ensure all members of the public and staff enjoy a safe and healthy experience while accessing their services.

Introducing Our Health and Safety Security Professional (HSSP) Division

At all Island Health sites, Blackbird Security has deployed our dedicated Health and Safety Security Professional (HSSP) Division. These highly trained security guards undergo specified training to equip them for the unique challenges posed in healthcare settings. These security guards are also present at our Ministry of Social Development sites, as well as several mental health and addiction treatment centres and pharmacies throughout Vancouver and British Columbia.

You may be wondering why these types of sites merit dedicated training. Our HSSP security designation serves a dual purpose. First, it trains our security professionals with core competencies in how to handle clients from a variety of socioeconomic, mental, psychological and physical backgrounds. Secondly, it fosters a sense of pride and accountability among the guards holding the title. It empowers them, in a healthcare setting, to leverage the knowledge and skills they possess to elevate the level of security and protection in a sensitive healthcare setting.

Dedicated Security Training for our HSSP Division

Blackbird Security offers one of Canada’s most comprehensive in-house training programs. Our Health and Safety Security Professionals undergo the following specialist training modules:

  • Advanced Security Training (AST)
  • Occupational First Aid Training (Level 2)
  • Trauma Informed Practice Training
  • Naloxone Injection Training
  • Sharps and Needle Disposal Training
  • John’s Mental Health First Aid Training
  • In-House Cultural Sensitivity Training
  • Specialized Conflict De-Escalation Training

To ensure the high standards our clients expect, staff are required to pass either a situational and/or a written knowledge test for each course before commencing work.

Work with Blackbird Security

The team at Blackbird Security is proud to provide ongoing support for the hard-working Island Health staff while they perform these critical and life-saving procedures for the public. We are committed to serving our communities with everything we do, and we believe our partnership with Island Health serves to demonstrate that commitment. If you’re interested in upgrading your security services we’d love to hear from you. We offer the following range of services to clients across Western Canada:

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