COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccine Enforcement – How Blackbird Security Can Help

On Monday, September 13th, British Columbia became the latest province to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for entry to non-essential venues such as bars, restaurants and movie theaters. This move is likely to be followed by other jurisdictions this winter, with Quebec and Manitoba having already introduced mandatory vaccination policies in their province.

The creation of these mandates has caused a headache for business and property owners. Ultimately, it’s not the business owners who set these policies, yet they will be the ones charged with enforcement. They’ll also likely face confrontation from those politically opposed to the move. In a recent interview, Glowbal Group President, Emad Yacoub, explained the challenges facing businesses across Canada…

“The last thing I want is my young hostesses at the door being berated by someone because they don’t believe in the politics or the policies of the government. We are not going to tolerate that. Normally it’s their first job so they’re young. They are not made to be able to handle this. We don’t want them to have to handle this.”

COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement – How Blackbird Security Can Help

At Blackbird Security, we have been on the frontline of COVID-19 enforcement policies since the start of the pandemic. Whether it’s performing temperature checks at Best Buy Distribution Centre, or acting as frontline security for COVID-19 immunization clinics, our staff have gone above and beyond to keep the public safe and protected.

We understand confrontation is inevitable in many businesses in the coming weeks and months. Our team are well placed to respond effectively and efficiently thanks to our industry leading Blackbird Academy training school. Relevant modules include:

  • Customer Service Training
  • Incident De-Escalation and Conflict Resolution Training
  • Crowd Control Training
  • Trauma Informed Training
  • Occupational First Aid (OFA) Certification
  • John’s Mental Health Training

Our security guards are second to none at diffusing potentially dangerous situations with the minimum of fuss.

COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement – Where Are Blackbird Services Available?

Our full range of professional security services are available to clients across Canada. We offer COVID-19 enforcement in the following provinces and cities:

  • Toronto COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Greater Toronto Area COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Southern Ontario COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Manitoba COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Winnipeg COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Saskatchewan COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Regina COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Saskatoon COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Alberta COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • British Columbia COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Kelowna COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Vancouver COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Victoria COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement

Ultimately, we are here to help protect your business, staff and the public in whatever way we can.

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