5 Ways to Improve Your Office Security

Business owners have a lot to focus on. They’re running their companies in a rapidly changing world, they’re navigating return to office plans, and they want to ensure their office premises are safe and secure. Investing in office security is one of the easiest ways to achieve this goal. After all, a secure office helps employees to perform their duties without worrying about their safety.

Alongside an investment in concierge security or mobile patrol security, internal staff have an important role to play. Creating a security-focused culture isn’t just common sense, it’s good for business! Here are five simple ways for business owners to improve their office security.

Never Leave the Premises Unattended

Security isn’t rocket science. If a premises is left unattended, it’s at increased risk of theft and crime. It’s that simple. Criminals are opportunists that aren’t interested in a confrontation. They seek out easy targets and pick on them. If you can make your space hostile to crime, it dramatically decreases your risk. During the working day, it’s easy to achieve this goal. You’ll likely always have someone on-site to react. During the evening, a service like mobile security acts as a powerful visual deterrent. This highly visible patrol car will conduct randomized patrols around your space, leaving criminals second-guessing their intentions.

Install a CCTV System

Humans aren’t infallible. Even businesses that are occupied continuously have entry points that aren’t monitored. An effective CCTV system will spot security breaches before they can escalate into losses. If you install CCTV on the exterior of your space, it alerts criminals their activities are being monitored and this isn’t a property to target. Deterring criminals before they’ve made the decision to target a premises is the most cost-effective approach to security you can take. Blackbird Security can partner with your business to install CCTV security cameras in your space. Our front desk security team are industry leaders at CCTV monitoring, ensuring you’re protected around the clock.

Introduce Individual ID Badges or Entry Fobs

If your business is using traditional keys for access, it’s time to end this dated and risky practice. Individualized ID badges or key fobs are a modern, secure alternative that ensures you’ll always know who is on site. Should one of these access keys get lost, access can be disabled quickly and easily, closing any security breaches before they occur. It also introduces a welcome layer of accountability and employee empowerment, with each employee understanding their role in collectively ensuring office security. If you have a concierge security guard on duty, they can quickly double-check staff IDs as they enter the premises.

Create a Secrecy Culture

Whether it’s data, high value theft targets, passwords or even restricting access to sensitive areas, a lot of information is out in the open in a business setting that really shouldn’t be. Just like you’d lock a door, it’s time to lock that information down. Sensitive information should only be shared on a need-to-know basis. It only takes one employee spilling the beans in a public setting for a business to potentially become a target of crime. Lock high value theft targets away in a central location far from the risk of a ‘smash and grab’ theft. Ultimately, you want to leave no indication that your business is an attractive target for crime.

Invest in Private Security Services

Each business is different, and their individual security needs are equally diverse. No matter the size of your business, or the industry you operate in, investing in professional security services is always good for business. It cuts losses from theft, it inspires customer confidence, and it keeps staff safe from harm. Blackbird Security is Canada’s number one security company. Our range of flexible and dependable security services service clients nationwide. If you’re interested in upgrading your security services, we’d love to hear from you. We offer the following range of services to clients across Canada:

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