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Security companies have a lot of tools in our arsenal. We train our guards to the highest standards, we prepare for any contingency, and we constantly invest in new technologies and innovations to help serve our clients better. Despite these many advances, the tried and tested security coverage provided by CCTV cameras is still highly effective at preventing crime, and apprehending any criminals operating in your space.

At Blackbird Security, we can assist with upgrading and monitoring your CCTV camera coverage in several ways.

Smile, You’re on CCTV Camera

Let’s rewind back in time to the summer of 2011. In British Columbia, the Vancouver Canucks had reached a pivotal Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals. Unfortunately, the team came up short vs the Boston Bruins, sparking a riot in Downtown Vancouver that left many businesses ransacked and cost millions on property damage.

In the days and weeks following the riot, hundreds of individuals turned themselves in due to the crystal-clear quality of CCTV camera footage that was shown on local news, and in local media. Since then, the quality and potential of CCTV has grown exponentially, with most of us popping up on several dozen cameras a day without even noticing.

Businesses that aren't leveraging this power to ensure the safety and security of their property are missing out on one of the most effective security tools currently available.

Protecting Your Business with CCTV Cameras

Through our industry leading security services, and our Blackbird Technology department, we can assist with every step of your CCTV installation and service.

Blackbird Technologies

Our Blackbird Technology team sit at the cutting edge of security technology. We specialize in tailored solutions that work precisely to your business needs, that are integrated with intention. We can advise on the best type of CCTV coverage for your business or property, before carrying out the installation ourselves with minimum fuss. Just looking for installation? We can provide turnkey advice on administering your CCTV service, and guidance on CCTV best practices. Alternatively, we’ll be happy to continue our partnership…

CCTV Monitoring – Concierge Security

Whether it’s protecting large national retail clients like Best Buy, or providing a welcome and reassuring presence at residential condo buildings, Blackbird Security’s concierge security team excel in any venue. As part of their wide-ranging training, our concierge experts receive dedicated training in CCTV monitoring. They know the behaviours to watch out for, and will take pro-active and discreet action to resolve any issues they see. Our concierge security staff are well versed in report writing, and best practices in CCTV monitoring. There’s no better option to act as the eyes and ears of your property.

Professional Security Services – Let Blackbird Security Help

Ready to upgrade your security solutions ahead of a busy fall season? Why not work with Canada’s best security company? If you’re interested in upgrading your security services, we’d love to hear from you. We offer the following range of services to clients across Canada:

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