The Importance of First Aid Training in Security

Every Canadian business is legally obliged to provide a first-aid kit, as well as an attendant on site trained to provide first aid. Is your business in compliance with this law?

When a medical emergency takes place, handling this dangerous situation efficiently and effectively can mean the difference between life and death. Several years ago, we took the decision to make occupational first aid training (OFA Level 1) mandatory for each Blackbird Security frontline employee. Our goal is to equip each of our security guards with the skills they need to handle any scenario. Not only do we want to protect them and the communities they serve, we believe a frontline security guard that’s trained in first aid is a huge asset for our clients.

Across each of our services, we've seen the benefits of a frontline security presence that's trained in first aid. For example, our front desk security team are often the only personnel on-site at condo buildings and office buildings at night. The role of a security concierge is so comprehensive that first aid training perfectly aligns with their other responsibilities. Our concierge staff must familiarize themselves with the health and safety protocols of the buildings they protect. Possessing first aid training allows them to take this responsibility to the next level, providing world class service for our clients and protection for those in the building.

Below, we’ve listed some common questions about First Aid Training and Security Guards.

Is First Aid Training Mandatory to get a Security Guard License?

No, first aid training isn’t mandatory for a security guard license. In fact, many of our competitors don’t train their security guards in first aid. Security is all about preparation. It’s so important to prepare for incidents and emergencies in our lives. When a person is working a role in which they’re serving the public, we believe it’s crucial for them to be trained to perform first aid. We hope our guards don’t need to use their training in this area, but our clients are glad they’re ready if needed.

Isn’t First Aid Better Left to Professionals?

In an ideal world, medical professionals would be the ones to deliver frontline first aid. Many of our guards work in remote areas, or in scenarios where medical help isn’t readily accessible. In many situations, they will be the only trained individual on-site who can help. The more people who are trained in providing first aid, the safer we will all be in the event of an accident or medical emergency.

What First Aid Training do Blackbird Security Guards Receive?

Each of our security guards receives Occupational First Aid Level 1 training. This course is designed to teach them how to respond effectively to most common and life-threatening first aid emergencies. This includes CPR, bleeding, shock, and how to clear an obstructed airway.

What is the role of a Security Guard in an Emergency?

A good security guard should act as a champion for your health and safety protocols. In the event of an emergency, they are trained to act in several critically important ways.

  • Contact Emergency Services: Before any other action is taken, a security guard will confirm the relevant emergency service has been contacted.
  • Scene Assessment: It’s critically important to assess the scene for obvious hazards (fire, smoke, fallen power lines) as well as obscured hazards (discarded needles, weapons)
  • First Aid: Once it’s safe to do so, the security guard should proceed to providing first aid to any casualties in an attempt to stabilize them until backup arrives.

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