Providing Security Services for Sephora Union Station

In our line of work, it’s always enjoyable to take on unique projects and provide security services to awesome clients in cool locations. Sephora has been a valued client for Blackbird Security for several years, and when they approached us to provide our industry leading security guards for their Union Station location in Toronto, we were thrilled to assist.

Sephora Union Station – First of its Kind

Sephora Union Station is the first retail store located within a major transit hub in Canada. This bustling location spans over 4,100 square feet inside the new Bay Street Promenade, providing convenient shopping for commuters, sightseers and those popping into the city. This unique setting presents a challenging environment for security staff, with the massive footfall at Union Station offering plenty of cover for retail theft.

Canadian retailers lose over $8 billion a year to shoplifters, and partnerships like Sephora and Blackbird Security are a proven way to stop these preventable losses from occurring.

How Blackbird Security Works with Sephora

Sephora is one of Canada’s most cherished retail brands. With over 80 stores currently open, and ambitious plans to open 50 more nationwide, they’re a brand that’s going from strength to strength. Blackbird has partnered with Sephora to provide security services at several of their locations across Canada, and their Union Station store is just the latest.

When representing such a prestigious brand, we understand our security guards are acting as frontline brand ambassadors. As such, they go about their role in a discreet and approachable manner, lending a hand in several different ways. Here are just some of the ways we work to provide industry leading security at this Sephora location:

Visual Deterrent to Shoplifters

Blackbird’s Uniformed Security Guards act as a strong frontline visual deterrent to criminal activity. When a potential shoplifter suspects they may be being watched, their activity becomes too risky to carry out. Following this logic onwards, a shoplifter is much more likely to target a store without visible security. With many stores already dealing with staffing shortages, it’s just not viable to expect your in-house staff to carry out their duties while also keeping an eye on suspicious behaviour.

Crowd Control

In a busy setting such as Union Station, footfall is likely to be much higher than a conventional retail store. Guards must be vigilant at all times to ensure the smooth flow of customers, while watching out for suspicious behaviour. While other stores likely aren’t as busy as Sephora Union Station, they will face busy times of year when crowd control becomes a top priority. As we begin planning for the busy Holiday sales events like Black Friday and Christmas, don’t fall into the trap of leaving crowd control to busy staff.

CCTV Monitoring

Hand-in-hand with crowd control, is the need for experienced CCTV monitoring. Our uniformed guards are trained in CCTV best practices and they’re always on the lookout for suspicious behaviour. At this location, our CCTV team liaise with staff on the floor to ensure full security coverage, while eliminating the blind spots criminals love to occupy. We are in regular contact with station security, acting as a team to apprehend any shoplifters that make it beyond the store entrance.

Retail Security – Let Blackbird Security Help

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