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In the past 12 months, several high-profile incidents have demonstrated how important municipal security is. In the United States, protestors descended on the Capitol Building in infamous fashion, with elevated security continuing to throw a ring of steel around the building. Closer to home, Canada’s Rideau Hall found itself the centre of an intruder drama, leading to increased security to this day. These scenarios were avoidable in different ways, but the common thread was the total breakdown in security protocols that preceded both.

Blackbird Security understands the unique challenges and risks these properties attract. We’ve provided years of tailored security services for municipal and high-profile government clients, delivering a safe and secure environment for staff and public alike.

Here’s an example of how we partner with municipalities to increase their standard of security.

City of Vernon

A partnership we’re particularly proud of is our link up with the City of Vernon. Led by our supervisor Preet Pal, our dedicated team of security professionals work tirelessly to ensure public safety at Polson Park. Regular foot and mobile vehicle patrols allow our security guards to engage with park goers and residents in a friendly manner, ensuring the highest standards of customer service.

These guards receive training specifically designed to equip them for any possible scenario, including St. John’s Mental Health training, Occupational First Aid certification (including the administering of Naloxone), and cultural/social sensitivity training. This equips them to de-escalate situations, while working alongside RCMP and City Bylaw officers to ensure compliance with park rules.

We believe security companies like ours must approach individuals suffering from mental health and addiction issues with empathy and respect. It’s in everyone’s interest to prioritize de-escalating potentially dangerous situations while getting them the assistance they need.

“The Blackbird Security team is efficient at crowd and access control and is extremely competent at writing reports and customer service. Their professionalism and reliability make them a pleasure to work with.

“I highly recommend Blackbird Security for any security endeavour that they may seek to pursue.” Kendra Kryszak, Manager of Parks and Public Space, City of Vernon.

Partner with Blackbird Security

If you’re interested in hearing why Blackbird Security is the best partner for municipal security, we’d love to hear from you. We offer the following range of services to clients across Western and Central Canada:

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