Omicron Means COVID-19 Policy Enforcement is More Important than Ever

The arrival of the highly transmissible Omicron variant of COVID-19 has set our progress back in so many ways. As provinces across Canada rush through new capacity restrictions and closures, don’t let the pressure of enforcement fall on your internal team. Blackbird Security can keep your employees safe. Our security guards have been on the frontline of COVID-19 security and policy enforcement since the start of the pandemic. In today’s blog, we’ll share some of the ways our team can help lighten your burden in the coming weeks as we navigate this difficult period together.

A few short months ago, it felt like we’d got the upper hand on COVID-19. Vaccinations meant many of us could return to somewhat normal living, but the emergence of Omicron and rapidly rising case counts have forced us back a few steps. In recent weeks, Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia have announced new restrictions on capacity in indoor settings, and it’s impossible to rule out other jurisdictions making similar moves.

Why Work with Blackbird Security for COVID-19 Policy Enforcement

Throughout the many stages of the pandemic so far, Blackbird Security’s frontline uniformed security guards alongside our dedicated security concierge staff have excelled in important areas like access control, temperature screening, social distancing, mask policy enforcement, and COVID-19 vaccine card enforcement.

When you hire a private security company like Blackbird Security, it’s a pro-active and progressive measure that not only protects your staff, it also shows customers you’re taking their health and safety seriously. We’ve partnered with national grocery chains, municipalities and big box retailers to support their COVID-19 safety efforts so far. We believe this experience makes us Canada’s number one security company in this area.

Ultimately, our security guards act as ambassadors for your brand and we understand the need for sensitivity in this area. Our goal is to function as a support system for your management, championing your health and safety policies while creating a safe and positive environment for everyone in the space.

Don’t Leave Staff to Handle Problem Customers

Anyone working a public facing role these past few months likely has horror stories relating to poor treatment from customers. We all have a right to disagree with public health measures, but this doesn’t give people a license to take their frustrations out on hard working staff just looking to do their job. At every stage of the pandemic, our team has leaned on their dedicated customer service and incident de-escalation training to protect staff, while working to efficiently diffuse tensions relating to health measures.

We’re confident our industry leading training makes our guards the best equipped to smooth these tensions.

COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement – Where Are Blackbird Services Available?

Our full range of professional security services are available to clients across Canada. We offer COVID-19 enforcement in the following provinces and cities:

  • Toronto COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Greater Toronto Area COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Southern Ontario COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Manitoba COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Winnipeg COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Saskatchewan COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Regina COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Saskatoon COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Alberta COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • British Columbia COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Kelowna COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Vancouver COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement
  • Victoria COVID-19 Vaccine Enforcement

Ultimately, we are here to help protect your business, staff and the public in whatever way we can.

Work with Blackbird Security

The team at Blackbird Security is proud to support our communities as they navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re interested in upgrading your security services, we’d love to hear from you. We offer the following range of services to clients across Canada:


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