Loss Prevention & Retail Security

This month, we’re talking all about loss prevention and retail security. This is a huge topic within the world of security, and one that impacts a lot of people. Retail businesses of all types and sizes experience losses due to shoplifting and poor security. It’s a problem that unfortunately doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon within Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, and so having good security in place is of the utmost importance.

According to government estimates, it’s suggested that small retail businesses in the region are losing $27,000 per day due to shoplifting. That’s a lot of money that’s not going to small business owners when it should. This level of theft also means that Metro Vancouver households are paying for the impact of retail crime, approximately $3.5 million, according to the government, which does not include the costs of loss prevention, policing or courts. Retail security is becoming more and more important. For business owners, taking the time and putting in the effort to safeguard against these losses is hugely important.

Having security on hand to manage loss and retail theft has a number of benefits. The first and possibly most obvious is financial benefit. Businesses that have either undercover or uniformed officers on site see less financial loss due to shoplifting and theft. Security officers are fully trained in spotting, managing and diffusing instances of theft before they occur or are completed. Having tighter security means fewer losses and a healthier bottom line.

Security officers also act as an authoritative presence within a retail location, improving the experience for shoppers and staff alike. Having uniformed guards on site demonstrates to potential shoplifters that they are being monitored and will be stopped should they attempt to steal. Undercover guards can also be a great option for instances in which discreet patrolling is required to prevent theft and ensure a positive experience for both staff and customers. Security guards are trained to act as a strong deterrent to theft, keeping a watchful eye while also being a helpful liaison for customers and staff. Having security on site means that your staff can do their jobs with full focus and confidence, knowing that trained security guards are available to manage any situation that may arise, or direct a client that may be in need of assistance.

Throughout April we will be diving into the finer details of Undercover Loss Prevention, Uniformed Loss Prevention, Loss Prevention Audits and Emergency Theft Protocols, and the advantages and uses for each. In the meantime, contact us today if you have any questions on loss prevention and retail security!

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