Is Your Business Safe from Commercial Burglary?

Retailers often focus their security plan on loss prevention. On the surface level this makes total sense, as it’s the most common threat a business will face on a day-to-day basis. This singular approach towards crime is effective in loss prevention, but it neglects the rising threat Canadian businesses face from commercial burglary.

According to the Retail Council of Canada, retailers lose approximately $8 million a day as a result of burglary and shoplifting. With COVID-19 squeezing already tight profit margins, this is a loss most retailers simply cannot bear. That’s why it’s becoming more important than ever to take steps to prevent commercial burglaries.

Burglaries by the Numbers

  • Businesses in Canada are four times more likely to suffer a burglary than a private residence
  • Approximately 60% of burglars move to an alternative target if an alarm is present
  • A third of all burglars reported engaging in at least one commercial burglary in the last 12 months
  • More than two-thirds of burglars engage in crimes of opportunity
  • 50% of burglaries occur via unlocked doors
  • Businesses without an alarm are five times more likely to be burgled

What Makes a Business Attractive to Burglars?

As you can see from the numbers above, most commercial burglaries are crimes of opportunity. This means the burglar noticed something about a particular business/property that made it an attractive target. As part of our work at Blackbird Security, we provide risk assessments for our clients when we onboard them. The common aspects of a property that attract burglars include:

  • Visible Signs of Neglect: If a business looks like it isn’t cared for, it’s a sign to burglars that the security system (if one even exists) is likely sub-par and easily by-passed.
  • Ease of Access: A quick scan of the exterior of a building will often tell a burglar whether they’ll face resistance breaking in. If windows are left open, doors unlocked, or gates left unsecured, it’s an invite to criminality.
  • Limited Visibility: A lack of lighting and blind spots provide a cover of darkness for break-ins overnight.
  • Lack of Visible Security: You don’t have to post a security guard at the door 24/7. Even the presence of CCTV cameras and security alarms often acts as enough of a deterrent to stop crime occurring.

Common Types of Commercial Burglary

Depending on the type of business you operate, you’ll face the prospect of several types of burglaries impacting on your operation. We typically classify breaking and entering in three categories:

Planned Burglary

If your business sells high ticket, or easily sold items, you’re at increased risk of a sophisticated or planned burglary. This type of crime plans for the presence of alarms, secured entrances and even security guards. The perpetrators are skilled criminals who are unlikely to panic or back down in the face of resistance. Fortunately, this is the least common type of commercial burglary.

Smash and Grab

Another type of burglary that impacts on businesses with high ticket, luxury items. This type of burglary is pre-planned, with burglars overpowering security systems or barriers in expensive and destructive ways. The aftermath of this type of burglary can shut a business down, while costing thousands in repairs.

Opportunistic Burglary

This classic crime of opportunity involves a burglar spotting a chance to quickly access a building, grab something of value and get out without triggering an alarm. By far the most common type of commercial burglary, it’s also the least costly in terms of property damage. It’s also preventable with some simple burglary prevention tips, which we’ll be covering in our next blog.

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