How to Speak to Staff About Security Threats

A well planned and executed security plan requires full cooperation from the entire staff of a business. In every organization, each member of the team should play their part in keeping the company secure, and the responsibility falls on leadership to empower them to meet this obligation.

In our experience speaking with business owners, many of the weaknesses in their existing security plans boil down to a lack of input and responsibility on individual team members. With businesses facing mounting risks each year, it’s crucial team members become central to the creation of security plans.

Management must address these critical issues with their employees, but they must do so in a respectful and appropriate manner. It’s not enough to bark orders without context. Instead, leaders should encourage team members to take ownership of their (and their colleagues) safety. Building these links won’t just keep your business more secure, it will also provide a confidence boost to team members, nudging them towards achieving more of their professional goals.

As a leader, here are five tips on how to speak effectively to staff about security threats.

Explain the “Why” Behind Your Plan

When trying to communicate any idea, explaining the “why” behind your ideas is a powerful way to help retention. It’s not enough to just tell staff members what they need to do in a security setting. Explaining to them why they need to do it, and the potential consequences of not doing it, will help drive home the importance of your security plan. It will also help to address any skepticism that may arise.

Ensure Consistency Internally

Much of our focus in the security world is directed towards nullifying exterior threats. To ensure you retain buy in and enthusiasm from team members, it’s vital to ensure any internal security issues are handled just as thoroughly, with real repercussions for those causing issues. Ask yourself: Do you have an internal policy on bullying, violence and sexual harassment? A comprehensive security and safety plan doesn’t just account for external threats, it also ensures team members know they are working in a safe and threat-free environment.

Create an “Open Door” Policy

Team members are the eyes and ears of any successful security plan. While leaders are understandably busy, ensure staff know the door is always open and you would like to be approached with any concerns they might have – no matter how trivial they may appear. Some staff may still feel discomfort in reporting any issues. That’s why it’s also important to create a way for concerns to be reported anonymously. When staff are confident in their safety reporting issues, they will be more inclined to take action.

Provide Clear Instructions for Common Issues

Depending on the industry a business operates in, they will likely face common threats. Drill staff on how to react in these situations, giving them a clear set of instructions on how to act. At no point should a staff member compromise their own safety in these situations. Safety must always remain the top priority. That’s why we always recommend partnering with a professional security company like Blackbird Security.

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