Hospitality Security Case Study: La Casa, Kelowna

If it’s time to go on vacation, security is understandably the last thing on most people’s minds. We’re excited to unwind with those we love and enjoy some hard-earned time off work. Unfortunately, break-ins and thefts from vacation homes have become a serious issue across Canada.

When we travel, it’s only natural our defenses are lowered. We’re much more likely to lapse into bad security habits, leaving doors unlocked, windows open, and valuables on display. This has led to an increase in crimes specifically targeting vacation rentals, cottages and AirBnB residences.

 At Blackbird Security, we’ve seen this translate into increased demand for our range of hospitality security services. In today’s blog, we want to highlight how our security services are helping visitors to La Casa, Kelowna stay safe and secure on their vacations.

Hospitality Security: La Casa, Kelowna

La Casa Cottage Resort is a beautiful, lakefront community of rental homes located on the west bank of Lake Okanagan. It’s open year-round, attracting families in summer for a sunshine getaway, and winter sports enthusiasts flocking to nearby facilities.

For several months, Blackbird Security has been providing frontline hospitality security at La Casa Resort consisting of mobile patrol security, and foot patrol security. Adding this prestigious property to Blackbird’s hospitality security portfolio is a great honour for us, and adds to the growing number of clients we protect in the Okanagan Valley.

Our top priority at La Casa is ensuring guests are having a safe and enjoyable vacation. We achieve this goal in several ways. For starters, each of our hospitality security guards receives dedicated customer service training. We understand the vast majority of their interactions will be customer service-oriented, providing directions, customer care and assisting guests with anything else they need.

While acting as frontline ambassadors for the resort, our hospitality security team are trained to provide support in emergency situations. They maintain constant watch for property damage, safety hazards, unlocked entry points, suspicious activity and any potential environmental concerns.

Types of Hospitality Security We Offer

While Blackbird Security offers all of our professional security services to hospitality clients, several of our key services are especially popular. Whether your property is located in a big city like Vancouver, Toronto or Calgary, or in a more rural setting, Blackbird’s team of dedicated hospitality security experts is standing by to assist.

Concierge Security

In a hospitality setting, concierge security is one of our most popular services. Our concierge team are skilled at diffusing common issues such as noise problems, parties, access control and other front desk duties. Our hospitality concierge team act as champions for your rules and regulations, ensuring they’re enforced while adopting a customer-centric approach.

Mobile Patrol Security

This cost-effective security service involves our guards patrolling pre-determined routes on a randomized schedule. Our mobile security guards can be deployed on bicycles or cars, relaying their positioning in real-time through our innovative TrackTik technology. These patrols can be scheduled, randomized or set to respond to alarms.

Uniformed Security Guards

Hospitality settings, like other public buildings and spaces, can be a target for vandalism, loitering and mischief. Our uniformed security guards are available on short or long-term contracts to provide an effective visual deterrent and frontline security response when and where you need it.

Professional Security Service – Let Blackbird Security Help

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