Hospitality is Reopening – Learn About our Hotel Security and Concierge Services

Canada’s vaccine rollout continues to progress, meaning a slow return to normality for the remainder of 2021. An industry set to bounce back this year is the hard-hit tourism industry, with hotels and hospitality businesses ramping up their staffing and re-opening for bookings.

With this increased demand and traffic in mind, creating a robust security plan for properties and facilities will ensure success in the coming months. Have you considered your hotel security options?

Many hotels turn to experienced security companies like Blackbird Security to fill this need. Our team boasts years of experience in hotel security, combining their dedicated customer service training with a unique understanding of the complexities of hospitality security. We know that hotel managers have a stressful job. That’s why we’re here to take hotel security off your plate and leave you free to focus your energies on other tasks.

Hotel Security

Hotel Security – Partner with Blackbird Security

When it comes to hotel security, there’s no one security service that works for every hotel. Instead, Blackbird Security provides hotel concierge security, uniformed security guards, security foot patrols and mobile security patrols to several hotels across Canada. In fact, we currently protect hotels and hospitality businesses in Canadian cities such as Victoria, Vancouver, Duncan, Kelowna, Penticton, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon and Toronto.

So, what makes us uniquely equipped as a hotel security provider? Our hotel security guards undergo dedicated training that equips them to excel within a hospitality environment. Through our industry leading Blackbird Academy training school, our guards receive extensive customer service training, incident de-escalation training, health and safety training. They’re also trained to provide Occupational First Aid, and boast outstanding communication skills.

As private security continues to evolve, it’s not enough to just provide outstanding security. Our guards act as an extension of your hotel, meaning a flawless first impression is key. Our focus is on hiring friendly and engaging security professionals to fill these roles.

Hotel Security Services We Offer

Hotel Concierge Security

Our hotel concierge security team ensure only hotel residents are granted access to the building. They are skilled at diffusing common hotel security complaints, including noise problems, parties, access control and other front desk duties. Our hotel concierge team act as champions for your hotel’s rules and regulations, ensuring they’re enforced while adopting a customer-centric approach.

Mobile Patrol Security

This cost-effective security service involves our guards patrolling pre-determined routes on a randomized schedule. Our mobile security guards can be deployed on bicycles or cars, relaying their positioning in real-time through our innovative TrackTik technology. These patrols can be scheduled, randomized or set to respond to alarms.

Uniformed Security Guards

Hotels, like other public buildings and spaces, can be a target for vandalism, loitering and mischief. Our uniformed security guards are available on short or long-term contracts to provide an effective visual deterrent and frontline security response when and where you need it.

Professional Security Service – Let Blackbird Security Help

Ready to upgrade your hotel security solutions? Why not work with Canada’s fastest growing security company? If you’re interested in upgrading your security services, we’d love to hear from you. We offer the following range of services to clients across Canada:

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