Five Ways Security Guards Can Make Your Life Easier

Have you considered hiring private security for your property or business? Across Canada, demand for professional security services has never been higher. In fact, Stats Canada believes the industry is set to grow 50 per cent between now and 2028.

There’s no one reason for this increased demand. Instead, more and more people are learning that security guards can be deployed to assist in almost any scenario, elevating security coverage while enforcing policies professionally and efficiently.

At Blackbird Security, we understand that security guards are incredibly hard-working, well-rounded and skilled individuals – useful to have around your business or property in a time of crisis. If you’re thinking of investing in professional security services, Blackbird Security are Canada’s number one security company.

Here are five ways our security guards can make your life easier.

Theft Prevention

Canadian retailers are plagued by shoplifting and shrinkage. Often, the presence of a security guard in tactical vest is enough to deter opportunistic thieves. Our uniformed security guards are second-to-none at spotting, stopping and anticipating shoplifters. And, if your retail store is experiencing overnight break-ins, our mobile patrol service is highly effective in acting as a visual deterrent. Our team will ensure your space earns a reputation as one with a zero-tolerance approach to shoplifting.

Elevate Your Professionalism

Did you know: our security guards receive dedicated training in customer service? Not only will our team work diligently to protect your property, they can also greet your customers at the door with a smile. We understand inherently that our guards’ demeanor reflects upon our clients. They will act as ambassadors for your brand, making themselves available to assist visitors with a customer-oriented mindset.

Enforce Your Policies

The next few months will see Canadian businesses navigating a range of evolving public health measures. In this charged environment, why leave the enforcement of these policies up to your in-house staff? Hiring private security like Blackbird Security represents a pro-active and progressive measure that protects the health and safety of your team. During COVID-19, our guards have excelled at access control, temperature screening, and the enforcement of mandatory mask policies.

Rapid Response to a Crisis

While your team is busy carrying out their daily roles, who among them is prepared should a crisis such as a robbery take place? Security guards are trained to respond quickly and efficiently to crisis situations. In fact, it’s a basic component of their comprehensive training program. In a crisis or disaster situation, our team members will lean on this training to take a leading role in carrying out your plans with minimum fuss. Not only will they save time and money, they could also help save lives.

Detailed Reporting and Tracking

At Blackbird Security, we want to make our clients’ lives as easy as possible. Any incident that occurs in your space will be followed by a detailed report of what happened, why it happened, and what can be done to prevent it happening again. Our mobile patrol service guards utilize the TrackTik technology platform to deliver up to the minute tracking. This enables our clients to view their progress in real time from anywhere on earth with a single tap on a smartphone app. Pretty convenient, eh?

Professional Security Services – Let Blackbird Security Help

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