Five Signs Your Business Needs to Invest in Security in 2022

Responsible business owners know their top priority is the safety of their employees, customers and property. Whether your business has one employee, or a thousand, you must ensure you’re creating an environment that’s safe, welcoming and free from crime.

At Blackbird Security, we regularly chat with entrepreneurs responsible for businesses of all sizes. We’ve noticed a trend where many small business owners don’t see the value in investing in security. They believe it’s something only larger companies need to worry about, and that they’ll handle security themselves. This is an outdated and risky opinion to hold.

Small businesses will benefit greatly from investing in a security guard to help prevent theft, inspire customer confidence, and keep their staff safe from danger. When we’re onboarding new clients here at Blackbird Security, we first establish the kinds of risk factors they face. We focus in on five key questions a business owner should ask themselves. If the answer to any of these five questions is YES, it’s highly recommended to invest in security and prevent any damaging losses.

  1. Your Business Location

One of the biggest vulnerabilities a business can have is their setting. If your neighbourhood has a high crime rate it’s necessary to hire a security guard. Conversely, if your business is located in a quiet setting, without much passing traffic, it also puts you at high risk for crimes. Crime flourishes in settings where environmental conditions allow it to. If the setting of your business fills either of these criteria, it’s time to invest in private security.

  1. You’ve Previously Dealt with Crime

If a criminal has previously hit your business and gone undetected, chances are they’ll take another bite at the cherry. Police statistics Canada-wide have highlighted a sharp increase in business break-ins during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alongside this, business owners are dealing with increases in shoplifting. Hiring a security guard or loss prevention officer for your business is a low-cost and efficient way of preventing damaging losses and break-ins. This small investment will, over time, protect your profits and give you more back to invest in other areas of your business.

  1. You Store Expensive or Hard-to-Replace Equipment

If your business houses expensive equipment, whether it’s electronics, machinery, heavy industrial goods etc. – protecting that investment is crucial. Organized criminal gangs will steal these high-ticket items to order, and they’ll have a strong idea of which types of businesses might house the equipment they’re looking for. A highly visible security presence is usually enough to make criminals move on to the next target in the hopes of finding a business that’s not as well protected.

  1. Your Business Has a Parking Lot

Parking lots are what we’d describe as a high value target for criminals. Often, they’re left unprotected and poorly lit, presenting a buffet of criminal opportunities in an environment where criminals won’t be rushed. Besides, customers will be deterred from using your parking lot if they don’t think it’s protected. You could be losing out on business you aren’t even aware of. Having a uniformed security guard in this space will put your customers at ease, while showing you care about their security.

  1. You Want Lower Insurance Premiums

The safer and more secure your business is, the lower your insurance premium will be. It’s just common sense. For a small upfront investment, you’ll enjoy ongoing discounts to your business insurance premiums. Over time, this will compound and save you thousands of dollars that can be reinvested elsewhere.

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