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Many of us don’t realize it but Canada is a global leader for film and TV production. Each year, the Canadian entertainment industry accounts for over $5 billion in revenue, employing more than 120,000 people countrywide. Ontario and British Columbia account for the majority of this, with our towns and cities serving as the backdrop for some of Hollywood’s largest productions. In today’s blog, we wanted to talk about the importance of security on these sets, and how Blackbird Security can provide frontline film and entertainment industry security.

The Challenge of Protecting Film and TV Productions

One of the most thrilling (or challenging) aspects of a large-scale entertainment production is the chaos that’s often present on set. Hundreds of staff are in constant motion fulfilling thousands of small tasks that keep productions on schedule – often in challenging conditions. With the transient nature of employment in this industry, it can be difficult to know who should be on set. This creates the perfect conditions for crimes of opportunity.

With so many moving parts, it’s vital to ensure your movie set security is of the highest standard. Blackbird Security has provided frontline protection to several clients in this field. Here are four ways our entertainment security guards can assist on your production:

Access Control

Production sets tend to be large and sprawling. Once staff are on-site, their movements are hard to track. Logically, ensuring access is granted only to those who need to be on-site is the most effective way to stay secure. Blackbird Security’s uniformed security guards can be deployed at the main access point of the set. Here, they can monitor and interact with visitors, check credentials and keep out those who don’t need to be there.

VIP Protection

Did You Know: Blackbird Security provides VIP and Close Protection services for high profile clients. It’s a fact of modern life that people want to interact with celebrities. Sometimes, this desire can manifest itself in unhealthy ways. Our VIP Bodyguard and Close Protection services ensure high profile figures on set are kept protected from the moment they leave their home, to their arrival on set.

Asset Protection

Production sets are home to expensive equipment that’s highly specialized and difficult to replace. Like any other expensive asset, they are a highly profitable and desirable target for thieves. A frontline and highly visible security presence is usually enough to put off most thieves. Their presence can be round-the-clock, or a service like Blackbird’s Mobile Patrol Security can provide a highly effective deterrent and keep criminals guessing.

Traffic Control

Many productions in Canada use our city streets as their backdrop. During these shoots, traffic management plans are essential, alongside effective placement of barriers and crowd control. These plans are usually crafted alongside city staff, and require an experienced security point of contact to ensure they flow smoothly. With years of global security management experience, our leadership team is standing by to assist.

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