Executive Protection – Providing Elite Bodyguard Services

Across Canada, the risks for high-profile individuals have never been greater. Our highly connected digital world allows criminals to identify high-profile or wealthy targets, while keeping tabs on their movement and getting to know their routines. Whether you’re a high-ranking executive, high net worth individual, or even a celebrity, Blackbird Security’s Executive Protection services provide elite bodyguards when and where you need them most.

What is Executive Protection?

Executive Protection, or Close Protection, is a form of private security where an elite security guard engages in protection and risk mitigation of a high-profile individual and their family. Unfortunately, these types of individuals simultaneously represent the most vulnerable and most attractive targets out there. Whether it’s down to their employment status, net worth, or high profile, they come to the attention of organized criminal gangs who will assault, extort or kidnap in an attempt to extract financial reward.

Elite Training for Elite Bodyguards

Providing Executive Protection takes a highly trained and highly experienced security guard. At Blackbird Security, our Close Protection Officers undergo a rigorous training program that equips them to comfortably handle any scenario while constantly watching out for threats. Each of our Executive Protection guards receive the internationally accredited CPO (Close Protection Operative) training and certification, alongside our industry pioneering Blackbird Academy training program.

What do Executive Protection Guards Do?

As an elite bodyguard providing Executive Protection, no two days are the same. These specialized individuals are responsible for the safety and security of their clients. This means they spend much of their time planning aspects of the day such as route mapping, liaising with staff at venues to devise security plans, and safeguarding valuable information. They are often required to accompany their client while they travel, while working irregular hours. Each of our Executive Protection Officers also possesses a full Canadian driving license, allowing them to offer chauffer services to clients.

The typical duties of Executive Protection Guards include:

  • Close Protection of high-profile individuals
  • Securing public locations
  • Escorting clients
  • Managing crowds
  • Performing background checks
  • Risk Assessment
  • Threat Education
  • Frontline emergency response

Where Does Blackbird Offer Executive Protection Services?

If you’re looking for Canada bodyguards, Blackbird Security is proud to offer our full range of Executive Protection services Canada-wide. Below you’ll find a list of the main cities in which we offer our Close Protection services in Canada:

  • Toronto Bodyguards
  • Vancouver Bodyguards
  • Calgary Bodyguards
  • Edmonton Bodyguards
  • Regina Bodyguards
  • Winnipeg Bodyguards

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