Customer Service is the Key to Crime Prevention

Without critical thought, customer service may seem completely unrelated to the security services and crime prevention tactics your establishment employs. However, once you look below the surface, it’s clear to see how closely related they are: From acting as frontline brand and business ambassadors, to answering questions, directing visitors, communicating openly, and proactively responding to the conduct of the public, it becomes apparent how outstanding customer service acts as the key to preventing crime. 

At Blackbird, we take this connection to heart in everything we do. From coast-to-coast, our security guards work hard to ensure smooth interactions and safe experiences transpire between all parties involved. So in this blog, we’ll go into detail about the connection between customer service and crime prevention. Let’s get started!

How does customer service prevent crime? 

There are many similarities between quality customer service and crime prevention. For one, both require attentive care and expert vigilance. Like customer service workers, a security guard must remain calm in the face of pressure, adapt amidst chaos, and put in a hard day’s work – every day. By being proactive, and not reactive, these areas work hand-in-hand to ensure the comfort, contentment, and safety of all parties involved. 

Consider that security guards often act as frontline ambassadors for businesses and residences, since they are the first to come into contact with customers, liaise with the establishment about their needs, and prevent theft from occurring directly (this is especially the case in Retail Security, Elite Suit and Tie Security, and Concierge Security).

In this sense, the actions of a great security guard are continuously guided by the tenants of good customer service. Security guards also work to streamline communications, coordinate emergency responses, and de-escalate a situation when things become tense. Sound familiar? 

Indeed, the benefits of hiring professional security abound. Security guards are able to provide the best customer service and assist customers and residents with tasks or issues that arise, all while simultaneously keeping things calm and secure. That’s why at Blackbird Security, excellence in customer service is one of the core tenets we teach all of our guards at Blackbird Academy.

Learn Crime Prevention and Customer Service at Blackbird Academy 

As Canada’s best provider of security guard training, a key focus at Blackbird Academy is in the area of customer service. Again, vigilance, communication skills, polished appearances, and knowledge of effective de-escalation techniques are all useful traits in good customer service – consequently, they’re all key skills a solid security guard will possess. That’s why each security guard at Blackbird Security receives the following dedicated training before starting any role and servicing any location:

  • Customer service training
  • Incident de-escalation training
  • Conflict resolution training
  • John’s mental health training
  • Occupational first aid training

If this sounds like a meaningful employment opportunity for you, feel free to visit our career page to learn more about how you can excel in a security career at Blackbird.

Work with Black Security 

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