Choosing the Right Commercial Alarm System: Protect, Detect and Response

As a business or property owner, you’ve worked hard over several years to grow your assets and build your business. An investment like this deserves round-the-clock protection that guarantees you peace of mind.

At Blackbird Security, we are strong believers in the idea of crime prevention by environmental design. This involves using easily accessible tools and methods to create an environment where criminals find it difficult to operate. When we partner with clients to install commercial alarm systems, we put this idea into action through our Protect, Detect and Response formula.

This interdependent system is based on the basic idea that given enough time, any physical barrier can be overcome. If detection of this breach occurs quickly enough, the thieves can be apprehended before the property is compromised.

Let’s examine how the Protect, Detect and Response formula works in practical terms.


When a commercial alarm system is being installed, we first examine the space to assess what kind of protective measures are already in place, and what could be improved. Protection is achieved through the use of physical, procedural and psychological barriers to delay or deter unauthorized access. Our team of security experts assesses the following key areas:

  • Verification of physical barriers, or recommendation of potential places for sally ports (an area featuring two gates, one of which can only be open at one time) where appropriate
  • Assist with enforcement of procedural barriers
  • Implementation of psychological barriers such as signage, lighting, graffiti removal and audio-talkdown


If a criminal gets past the initial protection, it’s crucial a strong detection method is in place. Detection involves the use of appropriate devices, systems and procedures to signal that an attempted or actual unauthorized access has occurred. Blackbird Security assists with detection in the following ways:

  • Detecting and flagging humans walking into the parking lot
  • Detecting and monitoring loitering around the property


Response entails the implementation of measures to ensure that security incidents are responded to with immediate and long-term corrective action. Through our alarm monitoring team and Mobile Patrol Service, Blackbird Security will provide response capacity at your site in the following ways:

  • Providing live, two-way audio communication to trespassers
  • Dispatching a Security Officer to physically remove trespassers
  • Dispatching Police where appropriate

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