Car Park Security: How to Combat Rising Crime

Car parks are a serious problem when it comes to crime. In 2020, nearly 100,000 vehicles were stolen across Canada. Ontario car theft unsurprisingly accounted for the largest figure, 24,000 of those thefts. Alberta followed closely behind on 23,535, and British Columbia was third with over 13,000.

No matter where you’re based in Canada, the crimewave impacting on car parks is growing, and it’s a problem that’s not going away any time soon. An issue we’ve noticed when we talk to clients and business owners is a lack of responsibility for car park security. Crime can only flourish when conditions allow it to, and a leadership vacuum is allowing car park security in many areas to fail. With a car being stolen approximately every 10 minutes in Canada, it’s time to fight back and make car park security a priority.

Ways to Improve Car Park Security

If you’re a property manager, or someone with responsibility over a car park, it’s your responsibility to ensure the cars, and possessions that are contained within, are safe and secure. Building a reputation for security can boost your business, encourage repeat visits, and improve the overall impression of your brand. Luckily, there are several highly effective ways to improve upon your car park security.

Install CCTV

Security is all about visibility. If a criminal believes they’re being watched, they’ll move on to try and find a softer target. Modern CCTV technology is cost-effective, easy to install, and second-to-none at providing clear evidence. Blackbird Security is Canada’s leading provider of Commercial Closed Circuit Television installation and monitoring. We specialize in turnkey, integrated CCTV solutions that protect high crime areas like car parks.

Vehicle Access Control

Is the car park easy to get in and out of? A simple measure to increase security is to install a physical barrier that delays or deters unauthorized access. In many residential settings this physical gate is controlled by residents using a fob or key. This physical barrier can be complemented with the installation of psychological barriers such as signage, lighting, graffiti removal and audio-talkdown measures. The ultimate idea is to create a physical environment that’s hostile to crime.

Hire a Car Park Security Guard

Despite all the technological advances we’ve made, there’s still no substitute for a highly-trained and eagle-eyed car park security guard. A security professional is trained to complement your existing security systems while providing a highly visible deterrent to crime. At Blackbird Security, we offer several professional security services that are perfect for preventing car park crime. Our concierge security guards are trained to man the front desk, monitoring CCTV, answering customer queries and enforcing your policies – all while working diligently to prevent crime.

Our uniformed security guards are another popular choice for car park security. These guards can be deployed in a highly flexible manner, patrolling the car park, checking for issues, and delivering a detailed report on their findings.

Let Blackbird Security Help

If you’re considering upgrading your car park security, why not talk to the security experts? Blackbird Security is here to help! Contact Us and let’s discuss your unique needs.

We believe preventing losses from crime is the ultimate cost saving move a business or property owner can make. Blackbird Security stands beside you in this effort with our range of tailored professional security services to suit businesses and budgets of all sizes. Here are just some of the ways we can help keep your operation safe and secure:

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