Car Dealership Security – Protect from Auto Theft with Blackbird Security

Each year, almost 100,000 cars are stolen across Canada. Some of these thefts are carried out by opportunistic thieves who spot an easy target. Others, by sophisticated criminal networks targeting specific models. Due to short supply and heavy demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, car dealership security has become a hot topic in our industry, with companies like Blackbird Security seeing a rapid increase in demand for car theft prevention services.

Stolen Vehicles Cost Everyone

Automobile theft isn’t just a problem for car dealerships and insurance companies, it’s an expensive social menace that’s costing us all money. According to Government of Canada estimates, automobile theft costs Canadians up to $5 billion yearly. It raises our insurance rates across the board, and it wastes police and judicial resources that could be better utilized elsewhere.

Common Security Threats Faced by Car Dealerships

Car dealerships are an attractive target for hardened car thieves. Not only are they home to a host of expensive cars, their space requirements mean many of these cars are left outside overnight in dark lots with sub-optimal security. Savvy criminals will observe these lots over time, learning routines and spotting weaknesses they can exploit. It’s not just vehicles that are being stolen either. Catalytic converters are easy to steal, and even easier to sell on.

How Blackbird Security Can Help Prevent Car Dealership Theft

With the recent rise in automobile theft across Canada, it’s important for car dealerships to review their security plans and consider investing in additional protection. Blackbird Security offers a range of flexible services that maximize protection, while keeping security costs to a minimum. Currently, we service a growing number of car dealerships across Canada, with our following services proving extremely effective at protecting our clients.

Uniformed Security Guard

Our traditional uniformed security guard service consists of a stationary guard that remains on-site for their entire shift. They will conduct regular patrols of the car dealership, keeping an eye out for suspicious behaviour while regularly checking for signs of unauthorized entry. These highly trained security guards provide an effective visual deterrent, and provide a comprehensive report of any incidents they encounter on their patrols.

Mobile Patrol Security

Perfect for covering large areas on a budget, our Mobile Patrol Security service provides round-the-clock protection without the need for a permanent security presence. Tailored to match the unique layout of a car dealership, our mobile patrols embark on randomized patrols along pre-determined routes. This randomized presence keeps criminals guessing, and is extremely effective at preventing crimes of opportunity. This service can also be tailored as an alarm response service, or in response to other customized triggers.

CCTV Installation & Monitoring

We’re constantly surprised at how many properties and business owners risk operating without CCTV cameras on-site. Even if a break-in occurs, CCTV provides hard evidence that can be given to police to assist in apprehending criminals. It’s one of the best security investments a car dealership can make. Blackbird Security is Canada’s leading provider of Commercial Closed Circuit Television installation. We specialize in turnkey, integrated CCTV solutions that protect your property around the clock, while offering a strong visual deterrent to crime.

Protect Your Car Dealership – Work with Blackbird Security

Ready to upgrade your security solutions ahead of a busy winter season? Why not work with Canada’s best security company? If you’re interested in upgrading your security services, we’d love to hear from you. We offer the following range of services to clients across Canada:

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