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Thanks to the legalization of recreational cannabis, Canada is home to more dispensaries than almost any country on earth. It’s a rapidly growing market sector, with the number of stores swelling to over 2,000 in summer of 2021, an increase of 126% over the previous year.

This growth in stores has meant Canada is at the forefront of the global cannabis industry. Unfortunately, we’ve also become a global leader in cannabis crime. Now, we’re not talking about people being busted for simple possession. Criminals are actively targeting cannabis dispensaries due to the attractive merchandise and high volume of sales.

In 2021 so far, we’ve seen several brazen thefts from cannabis dispensaries across the country. Last summer, shots were fired at a Calgary dispensary during an armed robbery, while a dispensary in Downtown Toronto saw a large quantity of gummies stolen recently.

Cannabis retailers have also warned that a policy mandating their storefronts must have frosted glass is actively leading to more burglaries. Against this backdrop of growing vulnerability, cannabis dispensaries are turning to security providers like Blackbird Security. As Canada’s number one security company, here are some of the ways we can protect your dispensary.

Uniformed Security Guards

There’s no more effective deterrent to crime than the presence of a uniformed security guard. Blackbird’s security guards currently excel in providing frontline uniformed security for some of Canada’s largest national retailers. Their comprehensive training, including customer service training, equips them with the skills to handle any scenario. Their presence ensures your team members are safe to carry out their roles.

Loss Prevention Officers

Perfect for larger cannabis dispensaries, our Loss Prevention team blend into the background, observing signs of criminal behaviour. They are experts in retail loss prevention, shrinkage reduction and non-violent crisis prevention. Their services are customizable to suit your size and optimal hours.

CCTV Monitoring

Need someone to monitor your CCTV cameras? Blackbird Security’s guards are trained to know the behaviours to watch out for, and will take pro-active and discreet action to resolve any issues they see. Their training also makes them adept at report writing and best practices in CCTV monitoring. There’s no better option to act as the eyes and ears of your property.

Alarm Response/Mobile Patrol Security

Business owners are naturally budget conscious. We understand they want security coverage without breaking the bank. Our Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response services fill this need, deploying to your site in response to alarms or other specific triggers. All incidents are logged in a detailed incident report, while our TrackTik tracking technology allows our guards to send images of the site as they found it upon arrival.

Work with Blackbird for Cannabis Dispensary Security

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