Blackbird Provides Security Guards to District of Okanagan for Fire Evacuation Support

Each year, the wildfire season in Canada seems to carry increasing dangers. As of late July 2021, over 900 wildfires are currently burning across our country, stretching from the Northwest Territories all the way to Quebec.

These fires bring immediate dangers to residents and business owners, but they also blanket our country with a thick layer of smoke and ash each summer. This may seem like an inconvenience, but this smoke presents real health dangers for our vulnerable populations.

British Columbia is the hardest hit of the Canadian provinces, with approximately 300 fires burning in our westernmost province alone. As home base for Blackbird Security, it’s been particularly saddening seeing the impact of the current devastating wildfires occurring in Oliver and Osoyoos in British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan region.

Wildfire Security

Providing Support to Fire Evacuation Efforts in the Okanagan

At Blackbird Security, we’re always looking for ways to service our community and make a positive difference. We were honoured to receive the call to support the District of Okanagan during these challenging times. Across British Columbia, we have a large presence in key towns and cities. We were able to quickly pivot and divert members of our security team to aid frontline evacuation efforts.

These ‘boots on the ground’ provide an invaluable service, knocking on doors, providing key information, and helping wherever they can. It’s tough to adequately express our thanks to the team of dedicated security team members who worked 24/7 in difficult conditions to ensure the safe evacuation and continuing support for the residents of the affected areas dealing with unbelievably stressful times.

Ready to Respond in Times of Crisis

An unfortunate truth we have to face is that businesses and property owners need to start preparing their emergency plans. How will you react in the event of a natural disaster? Depending on where you’re situated in Canada, you could face danger from extreme heat, wildfires, earthquakes or extreme winter cold. In a previous blog, we shared tips on How to Disaster Proof Your Business. This simple guide provides guidance on what to do to prepare for threats you may face.

At Blackbird Security, we’re always available to help. Across Canada, we have dedicated security professionals ready whenever and wherever they are needed. Most of our security guards possess Occupational First Aid (OFA) certification, and receive dedicated training in areas such as customer service and incident de-escalation.

Whether you’re based in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Ontario, we can provide professional security guards and security services on terms that work for your unique needs.

We will continue to look for ways to step up and serve our communities throughout Canada, whether it’s during a pandemic or the recent natural disasters our communities have faced.

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