Blackbird Partners with Pumpkins After Dark for Security Services

It’s October, Fall is in the air, and the spookiest time of year has arrived. This Halloween, Blackbird Security’s frontline security guards are scaring away crime at the annual Pumpkins After Dark event.

As one of Western Canada’s premier family-friendly Halloween events, Pumpkins After Dark is the perfect place for a magical fall evening. The event features over 6,000+ hand-carved pumpkins, classic Halloween characters, and plenty of fall treats and sweets. Our security guards are servicing the Burnaby, BC, and Edmonton, Alberta locations, helping to ensure a safe and memorable evening for guests.

How Blackbird Security is Protecting Pumpkins After Dark

As Canada’s number one security company, Blackbird’s event security team have earned a national reputation for their professionalism and quality of service. In our initial consultation with the Pumpkins After Dark team, we identified potential pain points, before devising a custom security plan to protect their events. This security plan encompasses several key areas.

Security Guards – Day Time Operations

Pumpkins After Dark is an evening event, and their event space is sparsely populated during the day. Our team provide asset protection around the clock, ensuring the incredible pumpkin displays and spectacular lights are left undisturbed. This day time service is provided by our highly trained tactical security guards, working alongside our effective mobile security patrols.

Event Security – After Dark

In the run-up to opening, our team switches pace to event mode. We take a holistic view of event security, understanding the need for flexibility, quick thinking, and frontline customer service skills. Our event security guards ensure all lineups are flowing smoothly, access is only provided to those with tickets, and that access points remain free of any obstructions.

Once guests are on-site, our team offers a discreet and vigilant presence, ensuring they’re visible to anyone who needs assistance, while constantly monitoring for theft and any other disturbances.

Mobile Security Patrols – Overnight

After ensuring all guests leave smoothly and without incident our guards switch into overnight vigilance mode. Halloween is the season for mischief, and an event space like Pumpkins After Dark offers an attractive target. Our mobile patrol and security guards work in tandem to provide a strong visual deterrent. Mobile Patrols cover the event perimeter, keeping an eye for anyone loitering or any breaches. Within the event space, our tactical security guards patrol regularly, responding immediately to any incidents while ensuring overnight staff are safe.

We’re proud to play a frontline role in ensuring the success of events like Pumpkins After Dark. Work with Canada’s number one security company to ensure the success of your next big event.

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