Blackbird Security Partners with Harry Rosen Retail Stores Across Canada

As Canada’s number one security company, Blackbird Security is proud to announce a new partnership with Harry Rosen retail stores across Canada. Harry Rosen is a Canadian chain specializing in designer mens wear and footwear, and starting this week, our Elite Suit and Tie Security professionals will be stationed in stores throughout Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Toronto to elevate shopping experiences while protecting Harry Rosen’s retail security and loss prevention interests at every turn. 

With a focus on providing exceptional first impressions, customer service, and loss prevention, our elite security personnel are ready to serve up first-class experiences in Harry Rosen stores countrywide. Let’s take a look at how Blackbird Security will work to enhance these consumer encounters.

What Will Blackbird Security's Elite Team Do in Harry Rosen Stores?

At Blackbird Security, our Elite security teams are made up of immaculately dressed professionals who provide amazing value for businesses and consumers alike. For high-end retail establishments like Harry Rosen who are ready to augment the consumer experience while reducing shrinkage and keeping shoplifters at bay, our Elite Suit and Tie Security teams are well-versed in all matters related to retail security. Delivering the kinds of high touch, personalized security services clientele expect, Blackbird Security will ensure retail workers at Harry Rosen need not worry about spending time on security concerns when they could be helping customers instead. With Blackbird Security on-site, our polished and professional teams will keep everything under control while blending in with the esteemed retail environments of Harry Rosen.

Beyond being hugely beneficial from a loss prevention and service standpoint, customers of Harry Rosen can expect their in-store experiences to be elevated by this partnership. For high-end businesses, setting the tone is key to appeal to target demographics – and our elite teams are trained to provide exceptional customer service while giving stores and shoppers additional peace of mind. Harry Rosen customers will feel more welcome and secure knowing Blackbird Security’s elite guards are standing by to help them have the smoothest, safest shopping experience imaginable. In fact, our guards have been trained to deal with any and all situations that arise from a retail environment…

Blackbird Academy Provides Industry Leading Security Training  

Wondering where our Elite Suit and Tie Security teams learn the ropes? At Blackbird Academy, our security guards receive the most comprehensive security training in the industry. Delivered via our own in-house team as well as through exterior experts, our training program encompasses areas like Customer Service,OFA (Occupational First Aid) Training, St. John’s Mental Health Training, Conflict Resolution, and so much more. It’s why we’re trusted to be front-line brand ambassadors for many other high-profile stores, and execute on all matters related to Elite retail security. 

Partner with Blackbird Security For Your Elite Suit and Tie Security Needs

The Blackbird Security team is thrilled to be working with Harry Rosen stores across Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg. If your business is similarly looking for Elite Suit and Tie Security, Retail Security, Loss Prevention, or one of our other specialized security services, the Blackbird Security professionals are standing by to assist whenever and wherever it’s needed. Some of the services we offer include: 

No matter what your security needs look like, our experts will integrate with your business to create a custom plan that works for you and your company. Contact us today to get started. 

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