Avoid These Common Mistakes in Retail Security

As the COVID-19 pandemic (hopefully) recedes into memory, retailers across Canada are left facing the budgetary ramifications of our new normal. Operating in an environment where spending is tight, business leaders are on the lookout for ways to cut their budget and get back in the black. At this point, many business owners will fall into the trap of viewing security as something they can afford to cut from their budget. This represents a huge mistake in retail security.

“But we have alarm systems and other security measures in place – won’t they protect us?”

Having an alarm system, CCTV and other point of sale security features are always recommended, but they should be viewed as an accessory to robust security coverage that deters criminals. The fact is, if you cut your security budget now, you’ll likely save money in the short term, but leave your business open to bigger losses down the road. A failure to properly secure your business endangers your site, employees and your profits.

Here are three common mistakes in retail security we see repeated across Canada.

  1. Our Crime Levels are Low – What’s the Point?

For a lot of businesses, crime isn’t a massive problem. Their workplace appears safe from theft, criminal or suspicious activity. Why should they invest in security? This mindset puts businesses in a potentially dangerous position. If an unexpected event, such as a serious crime or incident, were to occur, what is your plan? How will you ensure the safety of your staff, customers and property? When you work with a security company like Blackbird Security, you remove this risk and guarantee peace of mind.

Common mistakes retail security
  1. Our Internal Staff Can Act as Security

A lot of businesses devise the workaround of having one of their own employees act as a security guard at busy periods. This represents a massive safety threat. These employees aren’t trained in security, nor do they possess the knowledge on how to deal with security threats. Placing them in this position puts them at great risk of harm, and potentially opens up a legal can of worms should an incident occur. Hiring professional security services protects your business against intruders, loss prevention, assault and violence.

  1. Erosion of Security Procedures over Time

The decision not to hire professional security services will also lead to an erosion in security policies over time. Security guards aren’t just a frontline defence against crime. They also champion a security-focused mindset within businesses, reminding staff and management of their responsibilities while acting as the eyes and ears of the building. Without this important input, security policies become lax over time, creating a space where crime can flourish.

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