6 Quick Tips to Improve Your Winter Security

Canadian winters can’t be underestimated. Each year, they bring blizzards, icy roads and storms – all against a backdrop of early sunsets and long nights. As we wrap up warm and prepare for the winter ahead, it’s worth having a think about your business’ winter security setup.

Winter is a time when crime can flourish without proper checks. The long nights and empty streets present the perfect conditions for property crime and break-ins. With many Canadian workers still working from home, offices are particularly vulnerable to light fingered thieves aiming for a quick score. No matter the size of your business, you must be aware of, and make plans for, the unique security risks you face during the winter.

To help you get started, we’ve listed 6 quick tips to improve your winter security. We’ve picked advice that’s easy to implement, and will bring immediate benefits to your winter security.

Prepare for Extreme Weather

There are few places in Canada untouched by extreme weather each winter. Create a contingency plan for your business that can be activated in the event of a snow storm or other weather event. Communicate this plan with your employees and ensure responsibility is given to valuable tasks such as salting sidewalks and receiving any orders or deliveries. If nobody is around to receive inbound deliveries, criminals will be on the lookout for premises that are clearly unoccupied. It’s also worth auditing if the security technology you have in place is winter ready. Ensure CCTV cameras are housed properly to shield from the elements and look for wear on cables.

Maintain Your Property

If your site isn’t maintained effectively, it hinders your security plans and makes your property an attractive target for theft. Criminals are on the lookout for any signs of weakness in security. If a site is let fall into disrepair it highlights that other aspects of the property – like security – are probably also neglected. Ensure clear sight lines are present, don’t let debris build up, and check all of your exterior lighting and locks for integrity.

Consider a Security Audit

You’re an expert in your business. We’re the experts in security. This winter, consider taking your security to new levels with a security audit. At Blackbird Security, we can come to your property and have our expert team identify any weak links in your security plan. We’ll devise optimal placement for CCTV monitoring and make other recommendations to improve your security outlook. At the end, we’ll deliver a detailed report with our findings. Want to know more? Contact Us.

Empower Your Staff

As a business or property owner, you can’t be in multiple places at one time. Your staff play a crucial role in your security setup. Include them in your decision-making process. Ask them for their input into how you can make your business more secure and empower them with the responsibility to play a key role. Ensure they know that if they see something suspicious, they should report it immediately. You’ll find that the more you trust your staff to be active participants in your security plan, the more your security will improve.

Check Your Perimeter Security

A small number of thieves are hardened criminals who will go to great lengths to break and enter. Fortunately, the majority are much less determined. In fact, the slightest inconvenience will usually put them off your property and send them looking for an easier target. A quick and hugely effective update you can make is to ensure your perimeter is completely secure, with no easy access points. Make life as difficult as possible for thieves, and you’ll usually avoid suffering any losses.

Invest in Private Security

The single most effective measure you can take to cut down on losses and theft is to work with a reputable private security company like Blackbird Security. From coast to coast, we protect clients in a wide variety of fields, providing industry leading security coverage. Our Mobile Patrol Security Service is massively popular at this time of year, consisting of randomized patrols along pre-determined routes. This presence highlights the property is being watched and will deter any opportunistic criminals. Our patrols utilize the latest in GPS tracking to provide real-time reports to our clients, allowing them to check in on the security of their property from anywhere on earth.

Professional Security Services – Let Blackbird Security Help

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