5 Tips to Prevent Shoplifting in Your Grocery Store

For opportunistic shoplifters, the large size and ease of access to grocery stores make for a profitable shoplifting target. It’s easy to scope out the security features, identify easy entrance and exit points, and the large numbers of shoppers provide the perfect cover. In recent months, face mask mandates have added an additional layer of cover for thieves to operate under.

Grocery store owners are keenly aware of their perceived softness as a target, and allocate a lot of time and money to improve their security without impacting upon customer confidence or shopping experience.

With years of protecting some of Canada’s highest profile grocery names, such as IGA, Thrifty Foods and Buy Low, Blackbird Security is Canada’s number one option for grocery store security and supermarket security. Here are five simple tips to prevent shoplifting in your grocery store.

Hire Security Guards

Shoplifters prioritize targets they perceive as weak or not protected. If you have a visible security presence, provided by Canada’s best security company, it offers a strong and effective visual deterrent. At Blackbird Security, one of our core beliefs is our confidence in the idea of crime prevention by environmental design. If you create conditions where crimes become difficult, you’ll be less likely to be impacted upon by criminal behaviour.

Install Security Cameras (CCTV)

Through our cutting-edge Blackbird Technologies arm, we can install the latest in CCTV security systems in your space, provide advice and best practices for monitoring your CCTV system, or continue our partnership and provide alarm monitoring services. Security cameras, alongside signage advertising their presence, are another key tool in the armory against shoplifting. For those with CCTV systems installed, ensure you’re keeping at least 30 days’ worth of security footage as this is considered the industry standard.

Customer Service is Key

Encourage your team members to speak with customers and offer their assistance. This allows your staff to increase customer service and satisfaction, while also monitoring for any individuals acting in a strange manner. If your team encounters any strange behaviour, encourage them to report it immediately to a trained member of your security team. This interaction also highlights to any potential criminals they are being watched, preventing them from carrying out any crimes.

Develop a Quick Communication System

Preparation is key in the fight against shoplifting. Meet with your team and train them on the basics of identifying a thief, and how to quickly make the relevant team members aware. Time is of the essence in these situations, and it can prove almost impossible to apprehend a thief once they have left your space. Consider devising quick signs and communication techniques for alerting key security personnel in the event of a shoplifting event occurring.

Implement Electronic Tagging on Expensive Items

Shoplifters operate much like the classic TV show, Supermarket Sweep. Their goal is to get in and out of your space with as many high-ticket items as possible. By implementing an electronic tagging system, you place a highly effective barrier in the way of these thefts. Thieves can, and likely will) still breach your defences, but they won’t be able to take any high value items.

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