5 Tips to Increase Your Industrial Site Security

For better or worse, the Canadian economy is reliant on energy extraction and resource development. Without them, the cars we drive would run out of fuel, and the cost of every day products and services would soar. While these industrial sites play a huge role in our lives, they’re often under attack from a mix of opportunistic criminals and activists seeking to cause disruption.

Why Industrial Site Security is Important

Industrial sites often sit in remote corners of our communities, with minimal supervision and security. Due to their open nature and large size, it’s common to see unusual faces, or for corners of the site to be left completely unsupervised. Coupled with this, thieves know there will likely be plenty of valuable resources and machinery left lying around. It presents a tempting target for industrial crime, and one that’s relatively low risk.

At Blackbird Security, we’ve spent years helping to secure industrial security and infrastructure project security in some of Canada’s most remote locations. We’ve learned the unique mix of safety and security these sites need, and we’re standing by to provide flexible and customizable industrial site security for your next project.

Until then, here are five tips to increase your industrial site security.

CCTV Installation

Criminals don’t like to be watched. In fact, they’re some of the shyest people imaginable. By installing CCTV cameras on your site, you’ll record anyone who is trespassing, vandalizing or stealing from your site. When you’re assessing placement of the cameras, ensure they’re placed high enough they can’t be tampered with or damaged. This also serves to provide a wider field of vision for the recording.


Installing professional fencing around your industrial site achieves several valuable objectives. It clearly marks the boundary of your site, while also working to keep trespassers and criminals out. While fencing can be easily scaled, it works to slow down any criminal behaviour and ensure potential thieves have a hard time moving any significant machinery or raw materials off the site without being noticed.


At Blackbird Security, we are big believers in crime prevention by environmental design. Criminals want to work in dimly lit conditions with poor visibility. It’s where they do their best work. By adding some bright lighting to your site, it creates environmental conditions that criminals hate, making them instantly visible to anyone else on site.

Mobile Security Patrols

Given the large size of most industrial sites, it’s practically impossible for a static security guard to watch more than a small corner. That’s where Blackbird Security’s mobile security patrols shine. These guards embark on pre-planned patrol routes on a randomized schedule based on your needs. Their mobility allows them to comprehensively cover large areas in a small time, while our clients always appreciate the real-time tracking and detailed reporting provided by our innovative TrackTik technology.

Warning Signs

Place clear warning signs around the perimeter of your site and all access points. These signs should highlight the penalties criminals will face for trespassing, stealing or vandalizing the site. If you’re partnered with a industrial site security provider, these signs should also advertise that fact so criminals know your site isn’t a soft target.

Work with Blackbird Security

Blackbird Security is the security partner of choice for industrial sites and infrastructure projects across Canada. If you’re interested in upgrading your security services, we’d love to hear from you. We offer the following range of services to clients:

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