5 Safety Tips for Women

The issue of women’s safety has been in the news recently following a spate of disturbing incidents in British Columbia. According to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, 67 per cent of Canadians know a woman who has experienced physical or sexual abuse, and half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16.

What’s not measured in these figures is the life-long trauma many of these women endure as a result, leading to spiking levels of depression and other mental health issues. Working in the security industry, we see this problem first-hand. While it’s an unpleasant reality to face, it pays to be aware and have a plan in place should you encounter danger in your daily life.

Start with these 5 safety tips for women.

Leave a Trail

One of the most important safety tips we can give is to always make someone else aware of your plans or arrival/departure. It can be as simple as texting a friend when you get home, or letting them know when to expect your arrival. If this plan isn’t followed through it provides an important early warning system so the alarm can be raised.

Make Your Location Available

As a follow-up to our first tip, many smartphones contain the capability for others to look up where you are exactly based on your location. On iOS devices, navigate to Settings > [your name] > Share My Location. This allows you to select certain trusted individuals to share your exact whereabouts with. If you’re travelling alone, especially at night, this system allows others to track you in real time and notice any deviations or delays.

Trust Your Gut

It’s ok to prioritize your safety above all else while out alone. You’re under no obligation to engage in pleasantries or be nice to any strangers who might approach you. If a situation feels unsafe, or an interaction unwelcome, remove yourself from the situation as quickly and calmly as possible. Ignore any desire to act nicely or respectfully. Prioritize your safety and don’t make any apologies for doing so.

Have a Plan

If you need to get from Point A to Point B, consider your route and possible ways you could raise the alarm along the way. If possible, stick to well-lit and well-travelled streets that contain shops or other amenities you can potentially duck into to raise the alarm and evade any threats. Most stores, restaurants and bars will be more than happy to act as a safe haven and facilitate contact with the police while you wait.

Should the Worst Happen

It’s a scenario nobody wants to consider, but what should you do if you find yourself in immediate danger? Do anything to draw as much attention to yourself as possible; scream at the top of your lungs, hit your attacker with anything you have to hand, and aim for body parts that will hurt the most – eyes, nose, throat, groin and shin. A well-aimed kick to the shins should render an attacker incapable of pursuit long enough for you to put distance between you.

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