5 Common Business Security Issues

This spring, businesses across Canada are welcoming staff back to the office in another sign of life returning to normal. As we pivot back to desks, in-person meetings and other old routines, it’s the perfect time to audit your business security for common issues that could leave you vulnerable to theft.

It’s fair to say that after two years of pandemic living, security protocols have been neglected. As Canada’s number one security company, Blackbird services over 28,000-man hours of professional security services each week. We asked our security experts to weigh in with five common business security issues they see repeated by Canadian companies. The good news is, many of these security problems can be easily fixed. For everything else, Blackbird Security is your number one choice for security guard services – wherever you’re located in Canada.

Poor Access Control

Let’s start with the basics. Every business must audit how difficult it is to gain unauthorized access to their premises. Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity, and if windows, door and other access points are left unlocked, your business is highly vulnerable to theft. Conduct a walkaround of your building and check the integrity of every access point, focusing your efforts on the ground floor. For extra protection, consider investing in shutters for windows, steel bolts for doors, or a round-the-clock protection service like Blackbird’s concierge security or mobile security patrol service.

Visible Valuables

As we mentioned above, many burglaries are crimes of opportunity, and what spurs criminals into action is often the presence of valuables in easily reached places. Whenever possible, store valuables such as computers, machinery and high value equipment under lock and key and out of sight. Few individuals will carry out a burglary on the hopes that they might find expensive equipment. Instead, they will see it and feel compelled to try and grab it. For extra protection of business valuables, Blackbird Security’s Alarm Installation and CCTV Installation services can provide peace of mind.

Keep Your Exterior Clean and Tidy

If the exterior of your business shows signs of neglect it provides clues to criminals that you’ve similarly neglected your security protocols. Conversely, a well-cared for property with up-to-date signage, landscaping, and cleanliness, highlights that a property is cared for and secure. Consider making a small investment in beautifying your property and increasing the exterior lighting. It could make all the difference. Interested in Blackbird Security carrying out a security audit of your space? Request a Quote today.

Think IT Security

IT security is an arms race between businesses and committed hackers looking to make a score. Throughout the pandemic, cybercrime spiked massively as workers used personal laptops to access sensitive business systems. Now, two years later, businesses are returning to the office – but have they updated their security infrastructure since then? It’s highly likely those previously robust defences are now at least two years out of date. Many businesses are sitting on an IT security nightmare and don’t realize it yet. Blackbird Security’s team of IT security experts can assist in ensuring your cybersecurity is robust enough to protect against any attack. Contact Us to discuss your unique needs.

Revoke Ex-Employee System Access

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, the “Great Resignation” is occurring, with many employees taking stock of their career during the pandemic and deciding to make a switch. While most employees will leave on good terms, it’s crucial to immediately revoke any access they have to internal systems and sensitive information. Alongside this, ensure passwords are changed each time an employee leaves so there isn’t a risk of cyber-theft occurring.

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