4 Loss Prevention Tips for the Holiday Season

We have arrived in the annual madness of the Holiday season and this year loss prevention officers face a challenging landscape. Most of Western Canada is now under mandatory mask orders, making the usual identification process more difficult than any other time. Against this backdrop, retail theft continues to grow.

While we don’t have figures yet for 2020, Canadian retailers suffered losses at a rate of 1.44% of sales in 2019. This equates to over five billion dollars of shrinkage – the accumulation of losses due to crime and errors. The truth is, it’s not possible to completely eliminate shrinkage. But with careful management and investment in retail security and loss prevention officers, this figure can be dramatically reduced. Here are 4 Loss Prevention Tips to help you through this Holiday season.

Seasonal Staffing  

We know conditions are tough for a lot of businesses out there right now but if you’re able to, consider investing in more seasonal staff this year. Stores have more issues than ever to deal with – social distancing, enforcing mask wearing, enhanced cleaning etc. – and it’s vital not to stretch your team too thin. A weary workforce creates gaps for theft to flourish and mistakes to be made with inventory. Both lead to increased losses.

Invest in Private Security

At Blackbird Security, we’ve developed a range of services to help with retail security. Across Western Canada, we offer the following:

As a business owner, protecting your assets isn’t just common sense – it’s good business. That’s why our highly trained loss prevention experts are your best choice for retail loss prevention, shrinkage reduction and non-violent crisis intervention. We even offer Loss Prevention Audits, allowing us to assess the overall health of your store’s security.

Staff Training

Your team members are your eyes and ears. Unfortunately, they can only reach their potential as a unit if they receive adequate training. Revisit your training manuals through the lens of trying to minimize loss. Whether it’s entering inventory incorrectly, or behavioural signs to watch out for, the correct training will help make small gains over time that will add up.

Visible Deterrents

Criminals will only target your store if they believe they will get away with it. Take away this temptation, and you’ll minimize your losses from theft. Practical ways to achieve this goal include the installation of security cameras, mirrors to cover blind spots, and even signage mentioning that you prosecute shoplifters. Shoplifting is a crime of opportunity, and reducing this opportunity through environmental design will help to cut your losses and boost your bottom line.

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