What to Look out for in a Property Concierge

Whether you’re managing a commercial property or a condo building, security should always be top of mind. In fact, it’s not just common sense to think security, it can also be good for business. A study by TD Bank highlighted that security was the No.1 concern among people looking to purchase a condo. It scored higher than energy efficiency, parking, and even proximity to transit.

From our work in the field, we know security is also an increasing concern for most commercial property managers. Since the beginning of the pandemic, crime has increased in many of our communities and buildings represent a prime target for thieves. One of the most effective ways to protect a building is through concierge security. In this week’s blog, we’re going to highlight what to look out for in a property concierge.

The Benefits of Concierge Service

Concierge security experts aren’t your average security professional. They adopt a customer-service based approach to their work, providing a reassuring welcome for clients, staff and residents alike. They are expertly trained to maintain access control to your building, offer front-line support and respond to any query with a smile. They can also provide first aid assistance and act as fire marshals in the event of an evacuation scenario.

What to Look for in a Security Concierge

Many security companies offer concierge services, but it’s important to do your due diligence before making a decision. At Blackbird Security, we’ve partnered with civic buildings, commercial property managers and residential buildings to provide Western Canada’s leading option in concierge security. Here are key items to look for from your concierge security provider.

Well Trained Staff

Concierge security requires a highly trained and specialized skillset to carry out their role. A good concierge must be able to pivot effortlessly from acting as a front of house liaison, to providing best-in-class security, to dealing with emergency scenarios. This balance of professionalism, customer service, security and building knowledge requires specialized training. At Blackbird Security, we are proud of our industry leading security standards that encompass diversity training, conflict resolution and customer service.

Track Record of Success

A security partner should have a track record of success they can refer you to. Ask for references and testimonials from other clients. Ensure a level of familiarity with the area your building is in, and do your homework before committing to a partner. Any prospective concierge security provider should be excited to share their track record of success. If they aren’t, that’s a red flag. Hear how Blackbird Security provides concierge security services for District Main Vancouver.

Customized Security Options

No two buildings are the same. That’s why your concierge security provider should be able to provide a customized security solution to fit your unique circumstances and budget. At Blackbird, our process begins with a one-on-one consultation to discover the needs and characteristics of the building. From there, we proceed to undertake a risk assessment based on the profile of the neighbourhood. We then deliver a quote. If you’re interested in hearing how our concierge services can help protect your building, contact us and we’ll be happy to chat.

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